Table of Contents

Section 1: Epidemiology, Growth and Development
1. Epidemiology and World-wide Impact of Visual Impairment in Children
2. Clinical Embryology and Development  of the Eye
3. Clinical Developmental Biology of the Eye
4. Clinical aspects of Normal and Abnormal Visual Development  + DVM
5. Pre- and Post-natal growth of the eye and  the visual system, emmetropization, refraction and refractive errors: current and developing treatments.
6. Milestones and  Normative Data

Section 2: Core Practice
7. History, Examination and Further Investigation
8. Visual Electrophysiology: how it can help you and your patient
9. Imaging the fundus
10. Ophthalmic Genetics in your practice

Section 3: Infections, Allergic and External Eye Disorders
11. Toxoplasmosis and other intrauterine infections
12. Conjunctivitis of the Newborn
13. Preseptal and Orbital Cellulitis
14. Endophthalmitis.
15. External Eye Disease and the Oculocutaneous Disorders
16. Ocular Manifestations of HIV/AIDS in Children

Section 4: Systematic Paediatric  Ophthalmology
Part 1: Disorders of the Eye as a Whole
17. Disorders of the Eye as a Whole
Part 2: Lids, Brows and oculoplastics
18. Developmental Anomalies of the Lids
19. Ptosis, other lid problems, eyelashes and sockets-  practical management
20. Lid and Orbital Capillary Hemangiomas and other  Vascular Disease
Part 3: Orbit and Lacrimal
21. Lacrimal System
22. Orbital Disease in Children
23. Neurogenic Tumours
24. Rhabdomyosarcoma
25. Other Mesenchymal Abnormalities
26. Metastatic, Secondary & Lacrimal Gland Tumours
27. Histiocytic, Haematopoietic and Lymphoproliferative  Disorders
28. Craniofacial Abnormalities
29. Cystic Lesions and Ectopias
30. Inflammatory Disorders
Part 4: External Disease and Anterior segment
31. Conj


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