Key Features

  • Organization by developmental stages.
  • UNIQUE! Pediatric psychophysiologic responses to bioterrorism and threats of bioterrorism are found in Chapter 1.
  • UNIQUE! Nursing Briefs stress important content-related points and help you prioritize information.
  • Communication Alert boxes identify key tips, specific to establishing successful nurse-patient-family communication.
  • UNIQUE! Community Cues address home care and community-based care issues and tie in nursing care with larger community-based problems, such as nutrition, immunization, and health promotion.
  • UNIQUE! Data Cues list assessment data to help you recognize possible pediatric disorders.
  • Nursing Care Plans with Critical Thinking Questions reinforce the nursing process as applied to pediatric disorders.
  • 13 Skills follow the nursing process and are clearly presented in an Action/Rationale format and teach basic procedures used by the LPN/LVN in pediatric nursing settings.
  • UNIQUE! Chapter 3 includes a section on NIC/NOC, classification systems used in many clinical and hospital settings.
  • Online Resources appear at the end of each chapter and provide an opportunity for further study.
  • Perforated Self-Assessment Workbook included at the back of the book features a variety of matching, multiple-choice, study questions, case studies with critical thinking questions, and Internet activities.

Table of Contents

1. Child Health Evolution

2. Growing Children and Their Families

3. Care of the Hospitalized Child

4. The Newborn Infant

5. The High-Risk Neonate

6. Disorders of the Newborn

7. The Infant

8. Disorders of the Infant

9. The Toddler

10. Disorders of the Toddler

11. The Preschool Child

12. Disorders of the Preschool Child

13. The School-Age Child

14. Disorders of the School-Age Child

15. The Adolescent

16. Disorders of the Adolescent

17. Pediatric Procedures

18. End-of-Life Care for Children and Their Families


A: Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule, US (January-December 2006)

B: NANDA Nursing Diagnoses

C: Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care


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