Key Features

  • Tap into expert guidance on all aspects of pediatric emergency medicine, from the physical exam and usual and unusual presentations through to disposition criteria and transfer issues.
  • Access step-by-step guidance on administering critical life support interventions and providing effective diagnostic and therapeutic ambulatory care.
  • Quickly review specific treatment protocols for various emergency settings, including general emergency departments, community hospitals, tertiary care centers, EMS and transport, and triage.
  • Find information fast with or without a known diagnosis, with content organized both by chief complaints and by specific diagnoses.
  • Better understand how problems present differently in infants, children, and adolescents with age-specific diagnoses.
  • Identify and manage the psychosocial issues surrounding pediatric patients, including major depression and suicidality, sexual and physical abuse, child neglect, and violence.
  • Easily absorb key information with the aid of text boxes, algorithms, clinical pearls, and pitfalls.
  • Retrieve information easily with a consistent templated format.

Table of Contents

SECTION I: Immediate Approach to the Critical Patient

1 Resuscitation/advanced life support, Robert Luten
2 Airway emergencies: respiratory distress and failure, Marianne Gausche-Hill
3 Rapid sequence intubation, Steve Rothrock
4 Intubation, rescue devices, and airway adjuncts, Aaron Donoghue, Ron Walls
5 Critical monitoring techniques, Tom Abramo
6 Newborn resuscitation, Richard Cantor
7 The critically ill neonate, Maureen McCollough
8 Circulatory emergencies: shock, Steve Rothrock, Christine Cho
9 Cerebral resuscitation, Norm Paradis
10 General approach to poisoning, Erica Liebelt
11 Altered mental status/COMA, Joseph Zorc
12 Approach to multisystem trauma, Lance Brown
13 Sepsis, Brent King
14 Anaphylaxis/allergic reactions, Suzanne Beno

SECTION II: Approach to the Trauma Patient

15 Trauma in infants, Gail Stewart, Ameer Mody
16 Oral, ocular, max Dillofacial trauma, Ran Goldman
17 Head trauma, Vince Grant
18 Neck trauma, William K. Mallon, Jan Shoenberger
19 Upper extremity trauma, Michael Burg, Sieuwert-Jan ten Napel
20 Lower extremity trauma, Besh Barcega, Lilit Minasyan
21 Pelvic and genitourinary trauma, Peter Auerbach
22 Compartment syndrome, Christian Vaillancourt, Ian Shrier
23 Spinal trauma, Andrew Wackett
24 Thoracic Trauma, Barbara McDevitt
25 Abdominal trauma, Art Cooperman
26 Burns, Nicholas Tsarouhas
27 Neurovascular injuries, Isabel Barata

SECTION III: Approach to Unique Problems of Infancy

28 Apparent life threatening events (ALTE), Andrew DiPiero
29 Inborn errors of metabolism, T. Kent Denmark
30 Congenital Heart Disease, Alson S. Inaba
31 Excessive crying, Marilyn Hicks
32 Fever in the well appearing young infant, David Jaffe
33 Urinary tract infection, Marc Gorelick
34 Stridor in infancy. Antonio Muniz
35 Vomiting, spitting up, and feeding difficulties, Barbara McDe


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