Pass the Preregistration Pharmacy Exam

1st Edition


  • Chi-Loon Cheung
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702040030

    Key Features

    • Over 400 multiple-choice questions cover all the topics in the pre-registration exam of the RPSGB.
    • All questions are written in the style of the RPSGB exam.
    • Four types of multiple-choice questions are given, covering all three parts of the pre-registration RPSGB — all in the same style as the exam.
    • Questions are grouped according to core pharmacy topics.
    • Explanations are thorough and helpful.
    • Four appendices provide helpful summaries of abbreviations and symbols used in pharmacy.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to the Pre-registration exam
    2. Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics - closed and open book questions
    3. Pharmacy practice - closed and open book questions
    4. Pharmacy law and ethics - closed and open book questions
    5. Responding to symptoms - closed and open book questions
    6. Calculations - closed and open book questions
    7. Answers
    8. Appendices:
    I. Abbreviations of health and pharmacy organisations and technical terms
    II. Symbols used in pharmacy
    III. Latin terms and abbreviations
    IV. Abbreviations used in medical notes


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