Pascoe's Principles and Practice of Equine Dermatology

2nd Edition


  • Derek Knottenbelt
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702042515

    Key Features

    • A practical guide emphasizing how to distinguish conditions of similar appearance but different implication for diagnosis, management, and prognosis.
    • A unique ready reckoner (key points chart) is included in each disorder to allow rapid summary information acquisition and use for practitioners and students at all levels.
    • Offers expert guidance with algorithms for decision making and treatment choices and considers syndromes as well as the diseases involved in the differential diagnosis and investigation.
    • Focuses on commonly encountered skin diseases but includes rarer disorders.
    • Covers skin conditions of the horse occurring worldwide.
    • An extensive unique section on neoplastic disease is included.
    • Includes discussion of hoof disorders and skin wounds.
    • Superbly illustrated with over 650 full-colour figures.
    • Contains CD-ROM with image library offering over 300 extra illustrations.

    Table of Contents

    Part I – Principles and Techniques

    Introduction to clinical equine dermatology

    The approach to the equine dermatological case

    Diagnostic/investigative tests

    Principles of dermatological therapeutics

    Part II – Syndromes in Equine Dermatology

    Syndromes in equine dermatology

    Part III – Disease Profiles

    Section A – Infections Diseases

    Viral diseases

    Bacterial diseases

    Fungal diseases

    Protozoal diseases

    Metazoan/ parasitic diseases

    Section B – Noninfectious Diseases

    Congenital/ developmental diseases

    Immune-mediated/ allergic diseases

    Chemical and toxic dermatoses

    Endorcrine disorders

    Nutritional disorders

    Latrogenic and idiopathic disorders

    Physical and traumatic disorders

    Injuries and diseases of the hoof

    Neoplastic onditions




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