Parallel Programming with MPI - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781558603394, 9780080513546

Parallel Programming with MPI

1st Edition

Print ISBN: 9781558603394
eBook ISBN: 9780080513546
Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann
Published Date: 1st October 1996
Page Count: 500

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A hands-on introduction to parallel programming based on the Message-Passing Interface (MPI) standard, the de-facto industry standard adopted by major vendors of commercial parallel systems. This textbook/tutorial, based on the C language, contains many fully-developed examples and exercises. The complete source code for the examples is available in both C and Fortran 77. Students and professionals will find that the portability of MPI, combined with a thorough grounding in parallel programming principles, will allow them to program any parallel system, from a network of workstations to a parallel supercomputer.

Key Features

  • Proceeds from basic blocking sends and receives to the most esoteric aspects of MPI.
  • Includes extensive coverage of performance and debugging.
  • Discusses a variety of approaches to the problem of basic I/O on parallel machines.
  • Provides exercises and programming assignments.

Table of Contents

Foreword Preface

Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 The Need for More Computational Power 1.2 The Need for Parallel Computing 1.3 The Bad News 1.4 MPI 1.5 The Rest of the Book 1.6 Typographic Conventions

Chapter 2 An Overview of Parallel Computing 2.1 Hardware 2.1.1 Flynn's Taxonomy 2.1.2 The Classical von Neumann Machine 2.1.3 Pipeline and Vector Architectures 2.1.4 SIMD Systems 2.1.5 General MIMD Systems 2.1.6 Shared-Memory MIMD 2.1.7 Distributed-Memory MIMD 2.1.8 Communication and Routing 2.2 Software Issues 2.2.1 Shared-Memory Programming 2.2.2 Message Passing 2.2.3 Data-Parallel Languages 2.2.4 RPC and Active Messages 2.2.5 Data Mapping 2.3 Summary 2.4 References 2.5 Exercises

Chapter 3 Greetings! 3.1 The Program 3.2 Execution 3.3 MPI 3.3.1 General MPI Programs 3.3.2 Finding Out about the Rest of the World 3.3.3 Message: Data + Envelope 3.3.4 Sending Messages 3.4 Summary 3.5 References 3.6 Exercises 3.7 Programming Assignment

Chapter 4 An Application: Numerical Integration 4.1 The Trapezoidal Rule 4.2 Parallelizing the Trapezoidal Rule 4.3 I/O on Parallel Systems 4.4 Summary 4.5 References 4.6 Exercises 4.7 Programming Assignments

Chapter 5 Collective Communication 5.1 Tree-Structured Communication 5.2 Broadcast<B


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"...the detailed discussion of many complex and confusing issues makes the book an important information source for programmers developing large applications using MPI." -—L.M. Liebrock, ACM Computing Reviews