The proceedings from Parallel CFD 2006 covers all aspects of parallel computings and its applications. Although CFD is one of basic tools for design procedures to produce machineries, such as automobiles, ships, aircrafts, etc., large scale parallel computing has been realized very recently, especially for the manufactures. Various applications in many areas could be experienced including acoustics, weather prediction and ocean modeling, flow control, turbine flow, fluid-structure interaction, optimization, heat transfer, hydrodynamics.

Key Features

- Report on current research in the field in an area which is rapidly changing - Subject is important to all interested in solving large fluid dynamics problems - Interdisciplinary activity. Contributions include scientists with a variety of backgrounds


Engineering, Applied Science and Computer Science

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1. Invited Talk
J.-S. Wu, Y.Y. Lian, G. Cheng and Y.-S. Chen Parallel Hybrid Particle-Continuum (DSMC-NS) Flow Simulations Using 3-D Unstructured Mesh
2. Parallel Algorithm S. Peth, J.H. Seo, Y.J. Moon, M.C. Jacob and F. Thiele A Parallel CFD-CAA Computation of Aerodynamic Noise for Cylinder Wake-Airfoil Interactions
D.A. Orlov, A V. Zibarov, A.V. Medvedev, A.N. Karpov, I Yu. Komarov, V.V. Elesin, E.A. Rygkov, A.A. Parfilov and A.V. Antonova CFD Problems Numerical Simulation and Visualization by means of Parallel Computation System
M. Wolter, A. Gerndt, T. Kuhlen and C. Bischo Markov Prefetching in Multi-Block Particle Tracing
C.B. Velkur and J M. McDonough A Parallel 2-D Explicit-Implicit Compressible Navier-Stokes Solver
H.W. Nam, E.J. Kim and J.H. Baek A Numerical Analysis on the Collision Behavior of Water Droplets
R.K. Agarwal and J. Cui Parallel URANS Simulations of an Axisymmetirc Jet in Cross-flow
E. Kim, J.H. Kwon and S.H. Park Parallel Performance Assessment of Moving Body Overset Grid Application on PC cluster
K.S. Kang and D.E. Keyes Stream Function Finite Element Method for Magnetohydrodynamics
Y. Xu, J.M. McDonough and K.A. Tagavi Parallelization of Phase-Field Model to Simulate Freezing in High-Re Flow-Multiscale Method Implementation
H. Nishida and T. Miyano Parallel Property of Pressure Equation Solver with Variable Order Multigrid Method for


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