This volume is proceedings of the international conference of the Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2002. In the volume, up-to-date information about numerical simulations of flows using parallel computers is given by leading researchers in this field. Special topics are "Grid Computing" and "Earth Simulator". Grid computing is now the most exciting topic in computer science. An invited paper on grid computing is presented in the volume. The Earth-Simulator is now the fastest computer in the world. Papers on flow-simulations using the Earth-Simulator are also included, as well as a thirty-two page special tutorial article on numerical optimization.


Engineers, CFD Researchers, Graduate students.

Table of Contents

1. Invited Papers.
Lattice Boltzmann Methods: High Performance Computing and Engineering Applications (G. Brenner, Th. Zeiser, K. Beronov, P. Lammers, J. Bernsdorf).
Multi-Disciplinary Simulations and Computational and Data Grids (W.E. Johnston).
A Different Approach to Large-Eddy Simulation with Advantages for Computing Turbulence-Chemical Kinetics Interactions (J.M. McDonough).
Simulation of Combustion Dynamics in Gas Turbine Engines (S. Menon).
A Substepping Navier-Stokes Splitting Scheme for Spectral/hp Element Discretisations (S. Sherwin).

2. Earth and Space Global Simulations and Earth Simulator.
An MHD Model for Heliospheric Studies (A. Deane, A. Oloso, M. Goldstein, A. Roberts).
Computational Performance of the Dynamical Part of a Next Generation Climate Model Using an Icosahedral Grid on the Earth Simulator (K. Goto, H. Tomita, M. Satoh).
Optimization of a MHD Dynamo Simulation Code Using the GeoFEM for the Earth Simulator (H. Matsui, H. Okuda).
Performance of Atmospheric General Circulation Model Using the Spectral Transform Method on the Earth Simulator (S. Shingu, H. Fuchigami, M. Yamada, Y. Tsuda, M. Yoshioka, W. Ohfuchi, H. Nakamura, M. Yokokawa). Improving Computational Efficiency of 4D-VAR System for Global Ocean Circulation Study (N. Sugiura, T. Awaji, K. Baba, S. Masuda, Q. Jiang, Y. Shen, J.D. Annan, S. Kitawaki).
Coupling Strategy of Atmospheric-Oceanic General Circulation Model with Ultra High Resoluti


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K. Matsuno

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Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

P Fox

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IUPUI, Indiana, USA

A. Ecer

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Indiana University Purdue, University Indianapolis, Purdue University School of Engineering, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA

N. Satofuka

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Kyoto Institute of Technology, Matsugasaki, Sakuo-ku, Kyoto 606-8585, Japan

Jacques Periaux

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Dassault-Aviation, Saint-Cloud, France


@qu:This book will serve as an important survey of key research in parallel CFD and the corresponding state of HPC. It is especially valuable for the tutorial on PEAs, the sample optimization problems provided, and the extensive references. Basic optimization and multidisciplinary optimization are areas that will benefit from continuing advances in parallel CFD and HPC. @source:AIAA Journal, Vol. 42, No. 1