Paint Analysis

1st Edition

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  • Roger Dietrich
    • Print ISBN 9783866309128
    Paint Analysis

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    The book deals with the applications of modern techniques in paint analysis with a special focus on surface analysis. Topics covered include:

    • Surface cleaning, and how to be sure a visually clean surface is truly free from residues before applying a coating
    • Ensuring the paint and painted substrate match on a chemical basis, in order to achieve good adhesion results
    • Pretreatments to improve paint adhesion
    • Ingredients of paint and how they behave with respect to the surface to be painted
    • The effect paint additives have on paint adhesion
    • The effect polymer substrates, including various polymer additives, have on paint adhesion
    • New polymer types and polymer additives used in the automotive industry and their implications for paint manufacture and application 

    The questions surrounding paint adhesion commonly can’t be answered by simple tests or classical chemical analysis because they require the ability to analyze very small amounts of substances with a high surface sensitivity at the same time. Roger Dietrich sets out in detail the methods needed for these analytical processes.

    Key Features

    • A practical guide to the techniques of paint analysis, from methodology to the interpretation of results
    • Full coverage of key aspects such as surface cleaning, adhesion, paint ingredients and additives
    • Explores the effect of polymer substrates and their additives to paint adhesion, including new polymers used in the automotive industry


    Anyone involved in development, production and testing of coatings and paints.

    Table of Contents

    Surface: definition; Optical light microscopy; Infrared spectroscopy;Time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry;
    Scanning electron microscopy;Electron microanalysis; X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy


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    About the author

    Roger Dietrich

    Dr. Roger Dietrich is founder and CEO of the company OFG-Analytik GmbH. OFG is a key supplier of a whole range of paint analytical equipment. Dr. Dietrich is specialist for coatings and paints for automotive applications. Dietrich studied chemistry at the University Münster, Germany. He is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster and Stuttgart.