Pain Management and Procedural Sedation Handbook

1st Edition

Mobile Medicine Series


  • William Phillips
  • Anna Lerant
  • Loretta Jackson-Williams
  • John Keith
    • Print ISBN 9780323053334

    Key Features

    • Presents a balanced approach to pain management, combining techniques and agents such as neural blockade and parenteral therapy so you can optimally treat your patients.
    • Offers up-to-date expert guidance on pain management and procedural sedation, keeping you on the cusp of the latest advances.
    • Delivers key concepts in each chapter to help you communicate better at the bedside and on clinical rounds.
    • Includes basic pharmacology and considerations of alternative agents and methods so you have a more versatile approach to pain management.
    • Features a logical organization, quick reference tables, key point boxes, concise algorithms, and focused content that get you to the answers you need in a flash.

    Table of Contents

    1. Glossary and Acute Pain Measurements, John Keith

    2. Acute Pain Management, John Keith

    3. Opioid Tolerance, Dependence, and Withdrawal: Recognition and Treatment, W. James Phillips and Anna Lerant

    4. Acute Pain Management in the Chronic Pain Patient, W. James Phillips

    5. Procedural Sedation, W. James Phillips and Anna Lerant

    6. Procedural Sedation Medication Choices, W. James Phillips, Christopher Decker, and Nathan Shefveland

    7. Pediatric Considerations, W. James Phillips and Loretta Jackson Williams

    8. Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA), W. James Phillips

    9. Alternative Routes and Methods of Drug Delivery, W. James Phillips and Anna Lerant

    10. Intrathecal and Epidural Analgesia, W. James Phillips and Anna Lerant

    11. Common Nerve Blocks, Anna Lerant and W. James Phillips

    12. Analgesia and Sedation in Special Populations, W. James Phillips

    13. Sedation, Analgesia, and Hemodynamic Management of the Intubated/Ventilated Patient, W. James Phillips

    14. Providing Comfort at the End of Life, W. James Phillips


    Appendix A UMC Sedation Policy

    Appendix B DEA Drug Schedule Overview

    Appendix C DEA Drug Schedules


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