Origins of Occupational Health Associations in the World

1st Edition


  • D. Fano
  • S. Iavicoli
  • T. Carter
  • A. Grieco
    • Print ISBN 9780444513014

    Table of Contents

    Foreword. History of the origins of occupational health associations in Argentina (A.F. Werner). Development of occupational health in the Asia-Pacific region (W.-O. Phoon). The development of health and safety at work in Denmark (J. Staun, C. Wolff). The evolution of occupational safety and health conditions in Ecuador: 1900-2000 (R. Harari). Origins of occupational health associations in France (A. Caubet, M. Valentin, J. Caillard). Institutionalisation of industrial hygiene in Germany (D. Milles and R. Müller). Occupational health in Hungary and the history of the Hungarian Scientific Society for Occupational Health and Medicine (G. Ungváry). Occupational health professional associations and professional development in Ireland (D. Murphy). The origins of the Italian Occupational Health Society (A. Grieco, A. Porro et al.). Origins of occupational health in Japan with special reference to the Japan Society for Occupational Health (Y. Aizawa). The history of the origins of occupational health associations in Korea (S.-K. Kang). History of the National Federation of Occupational Health, Mexico, 2002 (J.A. Morales). Dutch occupational physicians: from pioneers to law-directed professionals (A.I.F. Vernooy, A.N.H. Weel). Origins of the Norwegian Occupational Health Services and its associations of physicians (Ø. Larsen). The history of occupational medicine in Poland, including the history of Polish association of occupational medicine and its predecessors (R. Szozda). Portuguese Society of Occupational Medicine - its role in the development of occupational health (A. de Sousa Uva). Development of occupational health in Russia - historical background (N. Izmerov). A history of the Society of Occupational Health, Singapore (D. Koh). South Africa (D.W. Stanton). From "accident medicine" to "factory medicine": Spanish occupational medicine in the 20th Century (A. Menéndez-Navarro, E. Rodríguez-Ocana). OHS in Sweden - The lands of associations (G. Gerhardsson). The develo


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