Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma

3rd Edition

2-Volume Set


  • Raymond Fonseca
  • Norman Betts
  • Robert Walker
    • Print ISBN 9780721601830

    Key Features

    • Logical organization of topics presents the material in an efficient way for better comprehension and enhanced readability.
    • Contributors represent not only the specialties associated with oral and maxillofacial surgery, but also different areas of medicine such as anesthesiology, urology and otolaryngology.
    • Key topics include:
    • The management of trauma in pediatric and geriatric patients, both of whom suffer a high incidence of injury.
    • The evaluation and management of neurologic injuries, one of the most significant causes of death from trauma.
    • Wound healing, airway management, and radiographic evaluation - essential components of effective traumatic injury treatment.
    • Coverage of shock - its pathophysiology, treatment, and management.
    • The management of nasal fractures, a controversial and debated topic.

    Table of Contents

    VOLUME 1
    Part I: Basic Principles in the Management of Traumatic Injuries
    1. The societal impact of maxillofacial trauma
    2. Metabolic response to trauma
    3. Healing of traumatic injuries
    4. Nutrition for the oral and maxillofacial surgery patient
    Part II: Systematic Evaluation of the Traumatized Patient
    5. Initial assessment and intensive care of the trauma patient
    6. Emergency airway management in the traumatized patient
    7. Management of nonpenetrating chest trauma
    8. Recognition and management of shock
    9. Neurologic evaluation and management
    10. Abdominal evaluation and management
    11. Urologic injuries
    12. Initial assessment and management of the multiple-injury patient with orthopaedic injuries
    Part III: Management of Head and Neck Injuries
    13. Applied surgical anatomy of the head and neck
    14. Advances in maxillofacial trauma surgery
    15. Early assessment and treatment planning of the maxillofacial trauma patient
    16. Radiographic evaluation of facial injuries
    17. Diagnosis and management of dentoalveolar injuries
    18. Mandibular fractures
    19. Trauma to the temporomandibular joint region
    20. Fractures of the zygomatic complex and arch

    VOLUME 2
    21. Diagnosis and treatment of midface fractures
    22. Ophthalmic consequences of maxillofacial injuries
    23. Evaluation and Management of Frontal Sinus Injuries
    24. Nasal fractures
    25. Management of soft tissue injuries
    26. Secondary revision of soft tissue injury
    SECTION 1: Scar analysis, w-plasty, geometric brokenline closure, and z-plasty
    SECTION 2: Resurfacing and injectables for adjunctive scar revision procedures
    27. Management of human and animal bites
    28. Diagnosis and management of traumatic salivary gland injuries
    29. Traumatic injuries of the trigeminal nerve
    Part IV: Special Considerations in the Management of


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