Oracle 10g Data Warehousing

1st Edition

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Imprint: Digital Press
Published Date: 17th November 2004
Page Count: 872
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Oracle 10g Data Warehousing is a guide to using the Data Warehouse features in the latest version of Oracle —Oracle Database 10g. Written by people on the Oracle development team that designed and implemented the code and by people with industry experience implementing warehouses using Oracle technology, this thoroughly updated and extended edition provides an insider’s view of how the Oracle Database 10g software is best used for your application.

It provides a detailed look at the new features of Oracle Database 10g and other Oracle products and how these are used in the data warehouse. This book will show you how to deploy the Oracle database and correctly use the new Oracle Database 10g features for your data warehouse. It contains walkthroughs and examples on how to use tools such as Oracle Discoverer and Reports to query the warehouse and generate reports that can be deployed over the web and gain better insight into your business.

This how-to guide provides step by step instructions including screen captures to make it easier to design, build and optimize performance of the data warehouse or data mart. It is a ‘must have’ reference for database developers, administrators and IT professionals who want to get to work now with all of the newest features of Oracle Database 10g.

Key Features

It provides a detailed look at the new features of Oracle Database 10g and other Oracle products and how these are used in the data warehouse

  • How to use the Summary Management features, including Materialized Views and query rewrite, to best effect to radically improve query performance
  • How to deploy business intelligence to the Web to satisfy today's changing and demanding business requirements
  • Using Oracle OLAP and Data Mining options
  • How to understand the warehouse hardware environment and how it is used by new features in the database including how to implement a high availability warehouse environment
  • Using the new management infrastructure in Oracle Database 10g and how this helps you to manage your warehouse environment


Professional data warehouse designers and administrators. Anyone who has to build or manage a data warehouse or data mart or anyone who simply wants more information on the 10g products and features in the data warehouse context

Table of Contents

Foreword Preface Acknowledgements

  1. Data Warehousing
  2. Designing a Warehouse
  3. Architecture of Data Warehouse
  4. Physical Desing of the Data Warehouse
  5. Loading Data into the Warehouse
  6. Querying the Data Warehouse
  7. Summary Management
  8. Dimensions
  9. Query Rewrite
  10. Tuning Query Performance
  11. Managing the Warehouse
  12. Backup and Recovery
  13. Oracle Warehousing Tools
  14. Oracle 9i OLAP and Data Mining
  15. OLAP
  16. Oracle Data Mining
  17. High Availability and a Data Warehouse A. The Schema for Easy Shopping Inc. B. Product Information


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"Whether you are designing a large or small data warehouse, or looking for tips on how to improve performance using Oracle Database 10g, this book will provide you with advice and examples you can follow. It also includes thorough coverage of the data warehouse features in Oracle Database 10g, and the tools in Oracle Application Server 10g." --Chuck Rozwat, Executive Vice President, Server Technologies, Oracle Corporation