10th Edition

Authors: M. H. Freeman
Paperback ISBN: 9780750622103
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 24th August 1990
Page Count: 544


Though the basic science of optics remains the same, technology has advanced considerably since the publication of the ninth edition in 1981. This has led to an extensive revision of the text to take into accound such recent technological developments as the greater use of lasers and fibreoptics and the development of diffractive optical elements.

Despite related developments in personal computers, Professor Freeman maintains that the optimum learning conditions still comprise a textbook, calculator and notepad. Optics therefore continues to make minimal mathematical demands on the reader and avoids specific techniques such as matrix algebra and complex exponent trigonometry.

Optics is the basic text in optical science related to visible light, and meets the specific needs of all those seeking the optical knowledge required in optometry, ophthalmology and the visual sciences. It will also be valuable to scientists and engineers who have become newly involved in optical systems.

Table of Contents

Preface to the 10th Edition; Preface to the 1st Edition; The basics of light and optical surfaces; Reflection and refraction at plane surfaces; Refraction and reflection at spherical surfaces; Thin lenses; Thick lenses and systems of lenses; Principles of optical instruments; Aberrations and ray tracing; Non-spherical and segmented optical surfaces; Light sources and the nature of light; Photometry and detectors; Optical materials - interaction of light with matter; Interference and optical films; Diffraction - wavefronts and images; Optical design - forming a good image; The eye as an optical system; Answers to exercises; Index.


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