Ophthalmic Clinical Procedures

1st Edition

A Multimedia Guide


  • Frank Eperjesi
  • Hannah Bartlett
  • Mark Dunne
    • Print ISBN 9780080449784

    Key Features

    • DVD contains video footage of over 40 fundamental clinical ophthalmic
      procedures to give you the clearest possible instruction
    • Voiceover gives additional information
    • Book contains exceptionally straightforward descriptions allied to clear
      illustrations highlighting principal features
    • Step-by-step approach makes learning the techniques easy

    Table of Contents

    Section 1 Pre-refraction

    Chapter 1.0 History and symptoms
    Chapter 1.1 Focimetry
    Chapter 1.2 Measurement of visual acuity
    Chapter 1.3 Tests for binocular fixation
    Chapter 1.4 Cover test
    Chapter 1.5 Oculo-motility testing
    Chapter 1.6 Interpupillary distance measurement

    Section 2 Refraction

    Chapter 2.0 Static retinoscopy (objective refraction)
    Chapter 2.1 Subjective refraction
    Chapter 2.2 Binocular balancing and binocular add
    Chapter 2.3 Determination of the near add
    Chapter 2.4 Near fixation retinoscopy (Mohindra technique)
    Chapter 2.5 Cycloplegic refraction

    Section 3 Post-refraction

    Chapter 3.0 Subjective measurements of heterophoria
    Chapter 3.1 Accommodative amplitude
    Chapter 3.2 Stereopsis and suppression
    Chapter 3.3 Determining the aligning sphere and prism using the Mallett Unit
    Chapter 3.4 Near point of convergence, jump convergence and fusional reserves
    Chapter 3.5 Prescribing tips and counselling

    Section 4 Ophthalmoscopy

    Chapter 4. 0 Direct ophthalmoscopy: anterior segment examination
    Chapter 4.1 Direct ophthalmoscopy: posterior segment
    Chapter 4.2 Modified monocular indirect ophthalmoscopy
    Chapter 4.3 Head mounted binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy
    Chapter 4.4 Slit lamp indirect ophthalmoscopy
    Chapter 4.5 Slit lamp direct ophthalmoscopy

    Section 5 Slit Lamp

    Chapter 5.0 Introduction
    Chapter 5.1 Examination of the external and anterior structures
    Chapter 5.2 Examination of the cornea
    Chapter 5.3 Staining agents
    Chapter 5.4 Tear evaluation
    Chapter 5.5 Examination of the anterior chamber
    Chapter 5.6 Examination of the crystalline lens
    Chapter 5.7 Examination of the iris
    Chapter 5.8 Examination of the vitreous

    Section 6 Tonometry

    Chapter 6.0 American Optical Non-contact Tonometer
    Chapter 6.1 Pulsair non-contact tonometer
    Chapter 6.2 Goldmann applanation tonometry


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    About the authors

    Frank Eperjesi

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Director of Optometry Programme, Department of Optometry and Vision Science, Aston University, Birmingham, UK

    Hannah Bartlett

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Research Fellow

    Mark Dunne

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Lecturer, Optometry