Volume 66. Operational Oceanography

1st Edition

Implementation at the European and Regional Scales



The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) is an international programme for a permanent global framework of observations, modelling and analysis of ocean variables that are needed to support operational services around the world. The EuroGOOS strategy has two streams: the first is to improve the quality of marine information in European home waters, and the second is to collaborate with similar organisations in other continents to create a new global ocean observing and modelling system that will provide the open ocean forecasts needed to achieve the best possible performance by local marine information services everywhere.

EuroGOOS held its second international conference in The Hague in 1999. Here, the operational services already in place in the EuroGOOS regions were presented and evaluated. In addition, a "Forward Look" was presented, with targets for the next 5-10 years.

The proceedings of the first EuroGOOS conference were published by Elsevier in the /locate/inca/600827EOS Series No. 62 Editors: Stel et al, ISBN 0-444-82892-3.


For policy makers, politicians, scientists, the marine industry and oceanographers.

Table of Contents

Preface (N.C. Flemming). EuroGOOS Conference (S. Vallerga). Introductions. The Second EuroGOOS Conference; Introduction (D. Tromp). The EuroGOOS forward look (J.D. Woods). EUROMAR - A new era (P. Ehlers). Evaluation of Operational Oceanographic Services. Valuing marine activities in Europe: provisional estimates, concepts and data sources (M. Brown). The EuroGOOS data requirements survey (J. Fischer, N.C. Flemming). Economic assessments of the value of marine industries and services and user requirements (L. Castellucci). The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) in 1998 (C. Summerhayes). Operational Oceanography for Sustainable Coastal and Regional Development. Real-time forecast modelling for the NW European Shelf Seas (M.W. Holt). Increasing resolution and forecast length with a parallel ocean model (T. Wilhelmsson et al.). Operational hydrodynamical model of the Danish waters. Danish National Program for Monitoring the Water Environment (H.R. Jensen et al.). Spanish Ocean Observation System. IEO core project: Studies on time series of oceanographic data (L. Valdés et al.). Long-term surface observations from ships of opportunity in Norwegian waters (T. Gytre et al.). CORIOLIS-Atlantic, an in situ network for operational oceanography (P. Marchand). Sea level measuring network in Finland (O. Korhonen). Ferry observations on temperature, salinity and currents in the Marsdiep tidal inlet between the North Sea and Wadden Sea (H. Ridderinkhof et al.). Operational forecasts during the construction of the Fixed Link across the Öresund (L. Funkquist). Storminess and environmentally sensitive Atlantic coastal areas of the European Union (I. Lozano). EUROGOOS Regional Seas Projects. Monitoring of the Arctic Ocean (O.M. Johannessen, S. Sandven). Forecasting the Baltic (E. Buch). Mediterranean ocean forecasting system: First pha


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