In the early 1980’s, Jiang Zemin, then Minister of Electronics Ministry of China, assessed the IT industry as ‘the strategic high ground in international competition.’ He "perceived the discrepancy between China’s level and the world's advanced level was so great that we had to do our utmost to catch up." Since then through numerous articles and frequent speeches he has drawn up a detailed technological and policy roadmap for doing exactly that. This volume collects over 25 pieces written over more than 20 years. It demonstrates the former president of China’s authority and insight into the development of China’s IT industry since the introduction of reforms, and the cutting-edge issues experienced throughout the global IT industry. Jiang’s ambitious goal is the transformation of China into a leader in the global IT industry by 2020. This volume offers IT industry analysts, China watchers, policy makers and advisors, IT researchers, and investors a singular and authoritative view on how China should get there.

Key Features

  • Establishes key measurements for the development of China’s IT industry
  • Sets forth the priorities for government and industry I
  • Identifies opportunities for interrelating military and civilian R&D and applications
  • Reveals key obstacles to progress and directives for overcoming them
  • Sets out an R&D agenda for industry
  • Names the core industry sectors for government and industry investment
  • Identifies opportunities and the necessity for international collaboration
  • Establishes the need to develop China’s own IPR and to respect and protect others’ IPR


IT industry analysts, China watchers, policy makers and advisors, IT researchers, and investors


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"Mr. Jiang has a strategic and global vision. His essay asserts a new positioning of the IT industry in the nation's economic and social development, and provides an analysis of the latest development trend of world's IT industry and technology. This is the result of years of strategic thinking, related work and wisdom on the IT industry. It will serve as an important guide for the development of China's IT industry in the coming years."--Zhang Dejiang, Vice-Premier and Member of the CCP Politburo