Ode to a Quantum Physicist - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780444505385, 9780080929477

Ode to a Quantum Physicist

1st Edition

A Festschrift in honor of Marlan O. Scully

Editors: H. Walther W. Schleich W.E. Lamb
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444505385
eBook ISBN: 9780080929477
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 31st July 2000
Page Count: 700
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Ode to a Quantum Physicist celebrates the scientific achievements of Marlan O. Scully on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. It combines personal reminiscences from other renowned physicists who have known and worked with him over the years and 60+ scientific articles from the frontiers of Quantum Optics inspired by the work of M. O. Scully. The topics of these articles, published in the special volume 179 of Optics Communications, range from classical optics via atomic physics and quantum mechanics to non-linear optics.

The book opens with special greetings from Tony Siegman, the former president of the Optical Society of America and Benjamin Bederson, the Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Physical Review. A long time friend, Ali Javan, dating back to Marlan's MIT days, highlights some of Marlan's scientific contributions. Heidi Fearn's poems humanize physical phenomena and set the stage for the more personal reminiscences to come.

Friends and colleagues of Marlan from the various stages of his scientific life shed some light on his human side. These stories reflect the admiration and respect the quantum physics community holds for Marlan and bring out many humorous anecdotes of their interactions with him. Judy Scully, his wife, takes us through Marlan's youth and college years in Wyoming. Leon Cohen illuminates the Yale days and Marlan's interactions with Willis E. Lamb. Pierre Meystre describes his arrival in Tucson from Switzerland for his first postdoctoral position with Marlan. The move from Tucson to Albuquerque is one of Suhail Zubairy's memories. Herbert Walther shines light on the impact of the multi-national Marlan and in particular, on the Max-Planck-Institut fü Quantenoptik. Wolfgang Schleich looks at his mentor Marlan from a graduate student's point of view and opens the arena for Reesor Woodling's description of Marlan's cattle business. We conclude the trail by

Table of Contents

Preface. (W.P. Schleich, H. Walther, W.E. Lamb). Special notes. Personal notes for Marlan (T. Siegman). Marlan Scully: an appreciation (B. Bederson). On knowing Marlan (A. Javan). Four poems on physics (H. Fearn). On the trial. The Wyoming years (J. Scully). Marlan as a graduate student (L. Cohen). The Tucson years (P. Meystre). My time with Marlan (M. Suhail Zubairy). Marlan Scully and the Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Physics (H. Walther). Always joke in the positive (W.P. Schleich). Raising cattle, Cain and questions (R. Woodling). Marlan's years at Texas A & M University 1992-present (T. Walther, E. Fry, G. Welch). Excerpts from the Colloquium. Programs of the colloquium. After dinner speech (R. Glauber). Photo album of Marlan. Ahead of the light: Marlan's Quantum Album (O. Kocharovskaya). Universal variational principles and the legacy of Jeremy Bentham (B. Shore). Additional articles. A primer on gauge invariance in quantum mechanics (D. Kobe). Unbreakable codes and perfect eavesdropping (D. Greenberger, M. Hillery). Time delay of propagation through one-dimensional photonic band-gap structures with a defect (S.Y. Zhu, N.H. Liu, H. Zheng, H. Chen). Articles from the Special Issue. Optics Communications. Volume 179, 25 May 2000

Propation and scattering. Focusing light to a tighter spot (S. Quabis, et al.). Atomic and molecular physics. Experiments dependent on neutron spin transitions (N.F. Ramsey). Identification of nonclassical states in neutron spin precession experiments (G. Badurek, H. Rauch, M. Suda, H. Weinfurter). Theory of pump-probe spectroscopy using an amplitude approach (P.R. Berman, G. Khitrova). The Wigner function for tunneling in a uniform static electric field (A. Czirjak, et al.). Quantum path analysis of high-order above-threshold ionization (R.Kopold, W. Becker, M. Kleber). Supe


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