This volume contains 31 papers on physical and geological oceanography, marine engineering and meterology in the Japan Sea and the East China Sea. Almost all these papers were presented at the Fifth JECSS (Japan and East China Seas Study) Workshop held in Korea in 1989. Results of multinational cooperative studies carried out since the initiation of JECSS in 1981 are presented. Authors are from China, Japan, Korea, UK, USA and USSR. A wide range of subjects are covered from the viewpoint of various disciplines. The status of recent research on Asian marginal seas is outlined and points at issue are defined. An important aspect is the coverage of results from the USSR and China which are not normally easily accessible to scientists in other countries, despite the importance of this research to the international scientific community. Various subjects, from estuaries to the problems related to the whole north Pacific, are covered in this book, and it is recommended to scientists in coastal oceanography, environmental oceanography, mesoscale (synoptic scale) oceanography and large-scale oceanography.

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Preface. Observational characteristics of internal temperature fluctuations in the mid-latitude North Pacific (Jae-Yul Yun, J.M. Price and L. Magaard). Tidal computation of the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the East Sea (Sok Kuk Kang, Sang-Ryong Lee and Ki-Dai Yum). Nonlinear Rossby waves in the inertial boundary current and their possible relation to the variability of the Kuroshio (Qinyu Liu and Zenghao Qin). Laboratory experiments of periodically forced homogenous flow in a rotating cylindrical container (Jungyul Na and Bongho Kim). Remote sensing for modelling of variation in primary production field (Akira Harashima). Reflection of the oceanic fronts on the satellite radar images (L.M. Mitnik and V.B. Lobanov). SST structure of the polar front in the Japan Sea (Y. Isoda, S. Saitoh and M. Mihara). A numerical experiment on the seasonal variation of the oceanic circulation in the Japan Sea (Yoshihiko Sekine). On the Intermediate Water in the southeastern East Sea (Sea of Japan) (C.H. Kim, H.-J. Lie and K.-S. Chu). Modern sedimentation off San'in district in the southern Japan Sea (K. Ikehara). Effects of winter cooling on subsurface hydrographic conditions off Korean coast in the East (Japan) Sea (Young-Ho Seung and Soo-Yong Nam). An observation of sectional velocity structures and transport of the Tsushima Current across the Korea Strait (A. Kaneko, S.-K. Byun, S.-D. Chang and M. Takhashi). Measuring transports through straits (D. Prandle). A cross-spectral analysis of small voltage variation in a submarine cable between Hamada and Pusan with speed variation of the Tsushima Warm Current (Kazuo Kawatate et al.). Outflows from straits (Takashi Ichiye). Dispersal patterns of river-derived fine-grained sediments on the inner shelf (S.C. Park and K.S. Chu). Estimation of atmospheric variables and fluxes on the ocean surface around Korean Peninsula (In-Sik Kang and Maeng-Ki Kim). Identification of water masses in the Yellow Sea and the East Chin


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