Occupational Therapy Without Borders - Volume 1

1st Edition

Learning From The Spirit of Survivors


  • Frank Kronenberg
  • Salvador Simo Algado
  • Nick Pollard
    • Print ISBN 9780443074400

    Key Features

    • links philosophy with practical examples of engaging people in the ordinary occupations of daily life as a means of enabling them to transform their own lives rather than remain dependant and marginalized
    • allows the voices of survivors to be heard
    • includes contributions from worldwide leaders in occupational therpy research and practice
    • describes concrete initiatives in under-served and neglected populations
    • questions generally accepted assumptions and key concepts of the profession
    • looks at social and political mechanisms that influence people's access to useful and meaningful occupation

    Table of Contents

    Section 1 — Spirit of Survivors Stories / Voices for our Future

    1. A Beginning…
    2. Once a Street Child, Now a Citizen of the World
    3. The Right to be Blind Without Being Disabled
    4. Occupation under Occupation: Days of Conflict and Curfew in Bethlehem
    5. A Beginner Writer is Not a Beginner Thinker

    Section 2 — Philosophical and Theoretical Arguments
    6. Occupational Apartheid
    7. Occupational Therapy and Social Field: Clarifying Concepts and Ideas
    8. The Art of Occupational Therapy: Engaging Hearts in Practice
    9. A Participatory Occupation Justice Framework: Population-Based Processes of Practice Occupational therapy and society
    10. Situated Meaning: An Issue of Culture, Inclusion and Occupational Therapy
    11. Social Occupational Therapy: a Socio-Historical Perspective
    12. The Presence of Child Spirituality: Surviving in a Marginalized World
    13. Challenges for Occupational Therapy in Community-Based Rehabilitation: Occupation in a Community Approach to Handicap Development
    14. The Model of Human Occupation as a Conceptual Tool for Understanding and Addressing Occupational Apartheid
    15. Countering Disability-Related Marginalization Using Three Canadian Models
    16. The Kawa (River) Model: Nature, Life Flow and the Power of Culturally Relevant Occupational Therapy

    Section 3 — Occupational Therapy Practice Without Borders
    17. Connecting Health and Social Justice: A Lebanese Experience
    18. Occupational Therapy Intervention with Children Survivors of War
    19. Juggling with survivors in the streets of Guatemala
    20. To Practice to Learn: Occupational Therapy with the Children of Viet Nam
    21. Voices Talk and Hands Write
    22. Transcending Practice Borders Through Perspective Transformation
    23. Unlocking Spirituality: Play as a Health-Promoting Occupation in the Context of HIV/AIDS
    24. Inclusive Education in Pakistan: An


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