Occupational Disorders of the Lung

1st Edition


  • David Hendrick
  • William Beckett
  • P. Burge
  • Andrew Churg
    • Print ISBN 9780702025075

    Table of Contents

    1. Foreword
    Hans Weill
    2. Why this book? How to use it
    David Hendrick, Sherwood P Burge, William Beckett and Andrew Churg
    3. Surveillance: Clinical and Economic Perspectives
    Sarah Meredith and Paul Blanc
    4. How to take an Occupational Exposure History Relevant to Lung Disease
    Sherwood P Burge
    5. Asthma
    David Hendrick, Sherwood P Burge
    6. COPD
    Christopher Stenton
    7. Toxic Traxheitis, Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis
    David A Schwartz
    8. Silicosis
    Gerald S Davis
    9. Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis
    Anne Brichet, Sophie Desurmont, Benoit Wallaert
    10. Asbestosis
    Paul de Vuyst and Pierre Alain Gevenois
    11. Pneumoconiosis Due to Minerals Other than Silica, Coal and Asbestos, and to Metals
    Douglas Mapel and David Coultas
    12. Man-Made Vitreous Fibers
    Mark Utell and James Lockley
    13. Toxic Pneu7monitis: Chemical Agents
    Benoit Nemery
    14. Toxic Pneumonitis: 'Organic Agents'
    Martin Iversen
    15. Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis
    Yvon Cormier
    16. Tuberculosis
    Sherwood P Burge
    17. Non-Tuberculous Infections
    Edmund Org
    18. Sick Building Syndrome
    Jouni Jaakkola
    19. Miscellaneous Disorders
    Dan Banks and David Hendrick
    20. Lung Cancer
    Michelle Ng Gong and David C Christiani
    21. Benign Pleural Disease
    Robin Rudd
    22. Malignant Mesothelioma
    YC Gary Lee, De Klerk, Nicholas Douglas Henderson, A William Musk
    23. Asphyxiation
    Dennis Shusterman
    24. Disorders from Altered Ambient Pressure
    Thomas A Dillard and Richard Moon
    25. Automotive
    Gianna Moscato and C Romano
    26. Chemicals and Plastics
    Paul Gannon
    27. Farming
    D Novak
    28. Health Care
    Sherwood P Burge and Alistair S Robertson
    29. Mining
    Robert L Cowie
    30. Welding
    Grant McMillan
    31. Imaging
    Sue Copely and David Hansell
    32. Lung Function Measurement
    Jeremy Beach
    33. Occupational Hygiene
    Susan Woskie and Judy Sparer
    34. Mineralogic Analysis of Lung Tissue


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