Table of Contents

SECTION 1 Philosophies of Cancer Nursing and the Context of Care
Section Editor: Yvonne Wengstrom
1. Concepts of health behaviour
A Topping
2. Partnerships in care
Y Wengstrom, C Forsberg
3. The social and cultural context of cancer care
K Ahlberg

SECTION 2 The Scientific Basis of Cancer Care
Section Editors: Diane Batchelor, Jaqualyn S Moore
4. Cancer epidemiology
H Evans, A Newnham, H Moller
5. Genetic basis of cancer
A Matakidou, T Eisen
6. Pathology
F Bosman
7. The immunological basis of cancer
J Moore

SECTION 3 Prevention, Early Detection and Diagnosis
Section Editor: Agnes Glaus
8 Prevention
A Glaus, S Aguinaga Bialous, P Rieger Trahan
9 Early detection
A Glaus, P Rieger Trahan

SECTION 4 Treatment and Care
Section Editors: Sara Faithfull, Mary Wells
10 Decision making in cancer care
AJ Munro
11 The experience of cancer treatment
D Fitzsimmons, J Middleton
12 Surgery
AM Thompson, M Wells
13 Radiotherapy
S Faithfull
14 Chemotherapy in context
M Coward, H Coley
15 Biological therapy
D Batchelor
16 Bone Marrow Transplant
Barry Quinn, Moira Stephens
17 Hormone therapy in cancer care
D Fenlon
18 Complementary and alternative therapies in cancer care
A Molassiotis, A Cawthorn, P Mackereth

SECTION 5 Symptom Management
Section Editors: Alexander Molassiotis, Gina Copp
19 missing
20 Nausea and vomiting
A Molassiotis, S Borjeson
21 missing
22 Constipation and diarrhoea
T Andrewes, C Norton
23 Management of breathlessness in people with cancer
S Moore, H Plant, M Bredin
24 Skin and wound care
W Naylor
25 Cancer-related lymphoedema and its management
J-A MacLaren
26 Oral complications in patients with cancer
KK Cheng
27 Alopecia
D Batchelor
28 Maligant effusion
S Dolan, N Preston
29 Anorexia, cachexia and malnutrition
A Molassiotis, J Foubert
30 Cancer-rel


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