Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills - 6th Edition - ISBN: 9780323187947, 9780323241151

Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills

6th Edition

Print ISBN: 9780323187947
eBook ISBN: 9780323241151
Imprint: Mosby
Published Date: 3rd February 2015
Page Count: 888


Master nursing skills with this guide from the respected Perry, Potter & Ostendorf author team! The concise coverage in Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills, 6th Edition makes it easy to master the clinical skills required in everyday nursing practice. Clear guidelines address 159 basic, intermediate, and advanced skills — from measuring body temperature to insertion of a peripheral intravenous device — and step-by-step instructions emphasize the use of evidence-based concepts to improve patient safety and outcomes. Its friendly, easy-to-read writing style includes a streamlined format and an Evolve companion website with review questions and handy checklists for each skill.

Key Features

  • Coverage of 159 skills and interventions addresses basic, intermediate, and advanced skills you'll use every day in practice.
  • UNIQUE! Using Evidence in Nursing Practice chapter provides the information needed to use evidence-based practice to solve clinical problems.
  • Safe Patient Care Alerts highlight unusual risks in performing skills, so you can plan ahead at each step of nursing care.
  • Delegation & Collaboration guidelines help you make decisions in whether to delegate a skill to unlicensed assistive personnel, and indicates what key information must be shared. 
  • Special Considerations indicate additional risks or accommodations you may face when caring for pediatric or geriatric patients, and patients in home care settings.
  • Documentation guidelines include samples of nurses’ notes showing what should be reported and recorded after performing skills.
  • A consistent format for nursing skills makes it easier to perform skills, always including Assessment, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation.
  • A Glove icon identifies procedures in which clean gloves should be worn or gloves should be changed in order to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Media resources include skills performance checklists on the Evolve companion website and related lessons, videos, and interactive exercises on Nursing Skills Online.

Table of Contents

Unit I: Quality and Safety in Nursing Practice
Chapter 1: Using Evidence in Nursing Practice
• Steps of Evidence-Based Practice
• Evidence in Nursing Skills
Chapter 2: Communication & Collaboration
• Skill 2.1 Establishing the Nurse-Patient Relationship and Interviewing
• Skill 2.2 Communicating with Patients Who Have Difficulty Coping
• Skill 2.3 Communications with Cognitively Impaired Patients
• Procedural Guideline 2.1 Hand-Off Communications
• Procedural Guideline 2.2 S-BAR Communication
• Skill 2.4 Discharge Planning and Transitional Care  NEW!
Chapter 3: Documentation and Informatics
• Procedure Guideline 3.1 Documenting Nurses’ Progress Notes
• Procedural Guideline 3.2 Using an Electronic Medical Record
• Procedural Guideline 3.3 Documenting an Incident Occurrence
Chapter 4: Patient Safety & Quality Improvement
• Skill 4.1 Fall Prevention in a Health Care Setting
• Skill 4.2 Designing a Restraint Free Environment
• Skill 4.3 Applying Physical Restraints
• Skill 4.4 Seizure Precautions
• Skill 4.5 Fire, Electrical, and Radiation Safety
Chapter 5: Infection Control
• Skill 5.1 Hand Hygiene
• Skill 5.2 Applying Personal Protective Equipment
• Skill 5.3 Caring for Patients under Isolation Precautions
• Skill 5.4 Preparing a Sterile Field
• Skill 5.6 Applying Sterile Gloves
Unit II: Patient Assessment Skills
Chapter 6: Vital Signs
• Skill 6.1 Measuring Body Temperature
• Skill 6.2 Assessing Pulse: Apical
• Skill 6.3 Assessing Pulse: Radial
• Procedural Guideline 6.1 Assessing Pulse: Apical Radial
• Skill 6.4 Assessing Respirations
• Skill 6.5 Assessing Blood Pressure
• Procedural Guideline 6.2 Assessing Blood Pressure Electronically
Chapter 7: Health


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