Nursing and Midwifery Portfolios - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780729540780, 9780729580786

Nursing and Midwifery Portfolios

2nd Edition

Evidence of Continuing Competence

Print ISBN: 9780729540780
eBook ISBN: 9780729580786
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone Australia
Published Date: 15th May 2011
Page Count: 168

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Professional practice and portfolios
- The meaning and purpose of portfolios;
- Portfolios and their relationship to self and professional regulation;
- The relationship between international (International Council of Nurses), national (ANMC and NCNZ) and broader generic competencies (e.g., University Graduate Qualities) and professional decision making frameworks
Chapter 2 Portfolio styles and models
- The potential of portfolios in addressing the professional requirement for regulation of practice.
- The need for and benefits of portfolios and suitable portfolio formats to address professional needs.
Chapter 3 e Portfolios
- What is an ePortfolio
- e-Portfolio structuring
Chapter 4 Evidence - What do I have and what do I need?
- Understanding types, sources and quality of evidence to support claims of competence to practice.
- Identifying existing evidence and generating or gathering new evidence of competence to practice
Chapter 5 Reflection
- using a reflective cycle to review and evaluate evidence and inform future directions
Chapter 6 Compiling Your Portfolio
- Structure and models to illustrate competency for practice
- Self-directed activities in identifying claims of competence to practice and selecting and structuring evidence.
Chapter 7 Portfolio evaluation and assessment
- Recognising and justifying quality evidence. 
- Self directed activities in evaluating portfolios as evidence
Chapter 8 Portfolios and career planning
- Using portfolios to advance or extend practice and develop career plans. 
- Using portfolios to educate and manage others


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