This volume is a collection of papers presented at the 14th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, Helsinki, 26 - 30 August 1996. The first conference of this series took place in Dublin (1955); second, Basel and Locarno (1956); third, Cambridge (1958); fourth, Frankfurt am Main and Heidelberg (1961); fifth, Clermont-Ferrand and Tolouse (1963); sixth, Albany and University Park (1966); seventh, Prague and Vienna (1969); eighth, Leningrad (1973); ninth, Galway (1977); tenth, Hamburg (1981); eleventh Budapest (1984); twelfth, Vienna (1988); thirteenth, Salt Lake City (1992).

The Atmospheric Aerosol conference has been held jointly with the Nucleation Symposium since 1988 in Vienna in order to stimulate contacts between researchers in these closely related fields.

The broad nature of the meeting and the scientific program resulted in 32 countries submitting papers for presentation. Covering both experimental and theoretical studies these papers are divided amongst the chapters on Nucleation, Stratospheric Aerosols and Ice Nucleation, Tropospheric Aerosols and Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interaction. In addition to these contributed papers invitations to present a plenary lecture on topics of particular current interest were accepted by P.J. Crutzen, J. Gras, J.L. Katz, A.A. Lushnikov, D. Oxtoby, J.E. Penner, Th. Peter, F. Raes, S.E. Schwartz, R. Strey and G. Vali. These plenary papers together with the contributed papers provide a well-balanced perspective of the current research over the entire field and highlight some important issues.


For graduate students, researchers and engineers in aerosols, meteorology, climatology, atmospheric chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical physics.

Table of Contents

Section headings and selected papers:. Preface. Nucleation. Nucleation of single component supersaturated vapors (J.L. Katz et al.). Ternary nucleation of water - n-nonane - n-butanol: does the amphiphile work as surfactant in vapor phase nucleation? (R. Strey, Y. Viisanen). Density functional theory for binary nucleation (D.W. Oxtoby et al.). Stratospheric Aerosols and Ice Nucleation. The role of particulate matter in ozone photochemistry (stratosphere and troposphere (P.J. Crutzen). Ice nucleation – a review (G. Vali). Formation mechanisms of polar stratospheric clouds (Th. Peter). Tropospheric Aerosols. Fractal aggregates in the atmosphere (A.A. Lushnikov). Redistribution mechanisms for volatile and non-volatile components of atmospheric aerosol particles (H. Bunz et al.). Comparisons between hydrated and dehydrated aerosol particle size distributions (P.S.K. Liu et al.). Aerosol - Cloud - Climate Interactions. ACE-1: a field study of atmospheric aerosol physics and chemistry (J.L. Gras et al.). Aspects of tropospheric aerosols: questions and ACE-2 (F. Raes). The contribution of carbonaceous aerosols to climate change (J.E. Penner et al.) Cloud droplet nucleation and its connection to aerosol properties (S.E. Schwartz). Author index. Keyword index.


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