A concise and current treatment of the subject of nuclear power safety, this work addresses itself to such issues of public concern as: radioactivity in routine effluents and its effect on human health and the environment, serious reactor accidents and their consequences, transportation accidents involving radioactive waste, the disposal of radioactive waste, particularly high-level wastes, and the possible theft of special nuclear materials and their fabrication into a weapon by terrorists. The implementation of the defense-in-depth concept of nuclear power safety is also discussed. Of interest to all undergraduate and graduate students of nuclear engineering, this work assumes a basic understanding of scientific and engineering principles and some familiarity with nuclear power reactors

Table of Contents

(partial) Safety aspects of containment system design for nuclear power plants, H Oslick. Power plant siting, G Eicholz. Nuclear regulatory commission regulations and licensing, R Minogue. Inspection and quality assurance, H Dance. Release of radioactive materials from reactors, K Morgan. Reactor control, L Weaver. Fluid flow and heat transfer in water-cooled reactors, R Carlson. Management of radioactive wastes, J Blomke. General features of emergency core cooling systems, R Shumway. A review of accident risks in light-water-cooled nuclear power plants, L Weaver. Current problems in reactor safety, J Telford. Transportation of irradiated fuels, J Rollins.


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