Noyes' Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes

1st Edition

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  • Frank Noyes
  • Table of Contents

    Part 1. Knee Anatomy

    1. Medial and Anterior Knee Anatomy

    Alvin Detterline, John Babb, and Frank R. Noyes

    2. Lateral, Posterior, and Cruciate Knee Anatomy

    Justin P. Strickland, Eric W. Fester, and Frank R. Noyes

    Part 2. Classification and Biomechanics

    3. The Scientific Basis for Examination and Classification of Knee Ligament Injuries

    Frank R. Noyes and Edward S. Grood

    4. Knee Ligament Function and Failure

    Frank R. Noyes and Edward S. Grood

    Part 3. Anterior Cruciate Ligament



    Chapter 3: Biology of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Graft Healing

    "Complex Knee Disorders: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Clinical Outcomes"


    Asheesh Bedi and Fellow

    Shoulder and Sports Medicine Service

    Hospital for Special Surgery

    Weill Medical College of Cornell University

    310 East 71st Street, 7D

    New York City, NY 10021


    Corresponding Author:

    Scott A. Rodeo

    6. Human Movement and ACL Function: ACL-Deficiency and Gait Mechanics

    Thomas P Andriacchi and Sean F Scanlan

    7. ACL Primary and Revision Reconstruction: Diagnosis, Operative Techniques, Clinical Outcomes

    Frank R. Noyes, Sue D. Barber-Westin

    8. Graft Options for ACL Revision Reconstruction

    Lonnie E. Paulos and Anastassios Karistinos

    9. Allografts: Graft Sterilization and Tissue Bank Safety Issues

    C. Thomas Vangsness, Jr.

    10. Scientific and Clinical Basis for Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction in Primary and Revision Knees Scientific and Clinical Basis for Double-Bundle Primary ACL Reconstruction



    Susan Jordan, Wei Shen, and Freddie Fu



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