In a unique approach to microeconomic theory, this book constructs (and proposes solutions to) major problems in mathematical programming, the theory of consumer demand, the theory of production, and welfare economics. Readers can thereby derive for themselves many of the major results achieved in microeconomics. Introductory notes set the scene for each chapter, and the subsequent sets of problems and annotated reading lists guarantee the reader a thorough grounding in microeconomic theory.

Table of Contents

Notes and Problems in the Theory of Mathematical Programming. 19 exercises. Theory of the Consumer: Introduction. 17 exercises. Theory of the Consumer: Extensions. Problems on Revealed Preference. Problems Using the Concept of Economic Surplus. Some Difficulties Concerning the Use of Micro Restrictions at the Macro Level. An Integrability Proposition. Obstacles to Pareto Optimal Market Solutions. Intertemporal Consumer Behavior. Decisions under Uncertainty. Production Theory. Some Properties of Production Functions. Static Optimization. An Introduction to Linear Models. Theoretical Developments Underlying Modern Production Function Econometrics.


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Peter Dixon

Sir John Monash Distinguished Professor, Centre of Policy Studies, Monash University, Australia