The present treatise is the final milestone in the radioecology programme, RAD, carried out from 1990 to 1993 under the Nordic Committee for Nuclear Safety Research, NKS. The book, one of the few in its field to have achieved international publication, is centred on the contamination of Nordic environments with radionuclides from the Chernobyl accident. It contains 30 contributions mainly describing the flow of radiocaesium through aquatic, agricultural, forest, and alpine ecosystems, as well as quality assurance and doses to man. A series of original papers on various aspects of Nordic post-Chernobyl radioecology by leading Nordic scientists is also included, along with terms & units definitions, indexes, and an executive summary.

The volume will be invaluable to all scientists and professionals in radioecology, radiation protection, trace element cycling and environmental contamination. It will also be relevant to general evironmental management/human contamination/civil defence officials.

Table of Contents

Preface. Contributors and Participants. Nordic Radioecology 1990-1993. The aims and justification of Nordic radioecology (H. Dahlgaard). General summary and conclusions (H. Dahlgaard et al.). Aquatic Ecosystems. Introduction to aquatic ecosystems (M. Notter, J. Brittain, U. Bergström). The characterization of radiocaesium transport and retention in Nordic lakes (H.E. Bjørnstad et al.). The distribution and characterization of 137Cs in lake sediments (A. Broberg). Transport of 137Cs in large Finnish drainage basins (R. Saxén). The role of lake-specific abiotic and biotic factors for the transfer of radiocaesium fallout to fish (T. Andersson, M. Meili). Models for predicting radiocaesium levels in lake water and fish (U. Bergström, B. Sundblad, S. Nordlinder). Radiocaesium in algae from Nordic coastal waters (L. Carlson, P. Snoeijs). Polonium-210 and radiocaesium in muscle tissue of fish from different Nordic marine areas (E. Holm). Radiocaesium as ecological tracer in aquatic systems - a review (M. Meili). Agricultural Ecosystems. Introduction to radioecology of the agricultural ecosystem (P. Strand). Direct contamination - seasonality (A. Aarkrog). Influence of physico-chemical forms on transfer (D.H. Oughton, B. Salbu). Contamination of annual crops (M. Strandberg). Transfer of 137Cs to cows' milk in the Nordic countries (H.S. Hansen, I. Andersson). Radiocaesium transfer to grazing sheep in Nordic environments (K. Hove et al.). Dynamic model for the transfer of 137Cs through the soil-grass-lamb foodchain (S.P. Nielsen). Studies on countermeasures after radioactive depositions in Nordic agriculture (K. Rosén). Forest and Alpine Ecosystems. Introduction to terrestrial seminatural ecosystems (A. Rantavaara). The transfer of radiocaesium from soil to plants and fungi in seminatural ecosystems (R.A. Ols


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@qu:Many radioecologists will find useful papers, derectly in their subject areas, containing data which is unpublished elsewhere.

...a useful addition to the library of many scientists interested in the subject area, including not only radiologists, but also those involved in dose assessment and modelling pollutant behaviour. @source:Journal of Environ. Radioavtivity @qu:... the book is recommended as an introduction to post-Chernobyl Nordic radioecology. @source:Environmental Pollution