The papers published in these peer-reviewed proceedings represent the latest developments in nondestructive characterization of materials and were presented at the Tenth International Symposium on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials held on June 26 - 30, 2000 in Karuizawa, Japan. The symposium was held concurrently with three other symposia and one workshop. This symposium is the tenth in the series that began in 1983 and became an international meeting in 1986.
The symposium started with a Plenary Lecture entitled 'Application of Non-contact Ultrasonics to Nondestrctive Characterization of Materials' by Professor R.E. Green, Jr. Various characterization methods were presented at the symposium, including ultrasonics, X-ray, eddy currents, laser, thermal wave, acoustic emission, optical fibers, optics, magnetics and ultrasonic microscope. Thin films and coatings as well as smart materials were also emphasized in this symposium.


For engineers and technologists with a particular interest in nondestructive characterization and evaluation of materials and structures.

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Preface. Invited Papers. Application of non-contact ultrasonics to nondestructive characterization of materials (R.E. Green, Jr.). Recent advances in structural health monitoring in Japanese smart material/structure system project (N. Takeda). Sound velocities and microstructure (H. Ledbetter). Recent developments of the laser ultrasonic technology and of its applications (J.-P. Monchalin et al.). Composites. Health monitoring technologies for fiber reinforced plastics (H. Aoyama et al.). Embedding effect of SMA wire/optical fiber on damage zone of CFRP by acoustic emission signal analysis (J.H. Koo et al.). Evaluation of fracture behavior in SiC/Ti-6Al-4V composite by acoustic emission technique (A. Hirose, K.F. Kobayashi). Elastic-stiffness tensor of metal-matrix composites measured by electromagnetic acoustic resonance (H. Ogi et al.). Nondestructive observation technique for alumina-fiber reinforced plastics (K. Tanaka et al.). Electromagnetics and Radiography. An alternative to film-based flash radiography using a high speed camera and intensifying screen (D. Salafia et al.). Investigation of low density core processes for producing ultra lightweight metals using X-ray computed tomography (W.H. Green et al.). X-ray characterization of the strain state in a tensile deformed Ti-Ni-Cu shape memory alloy (Y. Kishi et al.). A new theory of X-ray stress measurement with its applications (M. Kurita). Eddy current nondestructive testing of weld zone using uniform eddy current probe (K. Koyama et al.). A new eddy current probe without lift-off noise (H. Hoshikawa et al.). Microwave measurement of moisture in encapsulant resin of IC packages (Y. Ju et al.). Ultrasonics. Precise velocity measurement of high frequency surface acoustic waves by phase velocity scanning meth


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