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About the Editors. List of Contributors. Section 1: Background and Importance of Nitrogen. 1. The nitrogen cycle, historical perspective, and current and potential future concerns (D.R. Keeney, J.L. Hatfield). 2. Nitrogen transformation and transport processes (R.F. Follett). 3. Importance and effect of nitrogen on crop quality and health (J.M. Blumenthal, et al.). 4. Utilization and metabolism of nitrogen by humans (J.R. Follett, R.F. Follett). Section 2: Water Quality. 5. Nitrate losses to surface water through subsurface, tile drainage (G.W. Randall, M.J. Goss). 6. Nitrogen in groundwater associated with agricultural systems (M.R. Burkart, J.D. Stoner). 7. The importance and role of watersheds in the transport of nitrogen (T.J. Sauer, et al.). 8. Nitrogen transport and fate in European streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands (B. Kronvang, et al.). 9. Nitrogen effects on coastal marine ecosystems (J.R. Kelly). Section 3: Atmospheric Effects. 10. Gaseous nitrogen emissions from livestock farming systems (O. Oenema, et al.). 11. Exchange of gaseous nitrogen compounds between terrestrial systems and the atmosphere (A.R. Mosier). 12. The impacts of nitrogen deposition on forest ecosystems (K.J. Nadelhoffer). Section 4: Emerging Prediction and Management Technologies. 13. On-farm technologies and practices to improve nitrogen use efficiency (N.R. Kitchen, K.W.T. Goulding). 14. Developing software for livestock manure and nutrient management in the USA (P.J. Hess, B.C. Joern, J.A. Lory). 15. Field techniques for modeling nitrogen management (M.J. Shaffer, J.A. Delgado). 16. Simulated effects of land use, soil texture, and precip


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R.F. Follett

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USDA-ARS, Soil-Plant-Nutrient Research Unit, Fort Collins, CO, USA

J.L. Hatfield

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USDA-ARS, USA and President, Agronomy Society of America


@from:W.N. Harris a resource for researchers concerned with maintaining a current perspective on N related issues outside their own areas of focus, or for practitioners of ecosystem management needing a compact reference on a wide range of potential environmental impacts of N, this book is a valuable resource. @source:Ecological Engineering