Newnes Wireless Networking Ultimate CD

1st Edition


  • David Lide
  • Chris Braithwaite
  • Mike Scott
  • Anuj Batra, Ph.D.
  • Ron Olexa
  • Daniel Dobkin
  • Douglas Miron
  • Roberto Aiello, Ph.D.
  • Praphul Chandra
  • Description

    The Ultimate Value for Wireless Networking Professionals Most engineers rely on a small core of books that are specifically targeted to their job responsibilities. These dog-eared volumes are used daily and considered essential. But budgets and space commonly limit just how many books can be added to your core library. The Newnes Wireless Networking Ultimate CD solves this problem. It contains seven of our best-selling titles, providing the "next level" of reference you will need for a fraction of the price of the hard-copy books purchased separately. The CD contains the complete PDF versions of the following Newnes titles: Wi-Fi Telephony (Chandra & Lide) 0750679719 Ultra Wideband Systems (Aiello & Batra) 0750678933 Small Antenna Design (Miron) 0750678615 Bulletproof Wireless Security (Chandra) 0750677465 RF Engineering for Wireless Networks (Dobkin) 0750678739 Implementing 802.11, 802.16, and 802.20 Wireless Networks (Olexa) 0750678089 UMTS Network Planning and Development (Braithwaite & Scott) 0750660821

    Key Features

    * Over 2200 pages of wireless networking reference material * Includes 7 title in full-function Adobe PDF format * Incredible value at a fraction of the cost of bound books


    RF/wireless engineers and designers, computer/data network engineers; engineering managers, graduate students


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    About the editors

    David Lide

    David A. Lide currently is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Texas Instruments and has worked on various aspects of Voice over IP for the past nine years. Prior to that, he has worked on Cable Modem design and on weather satellite ground systems. He lives with his family in Rockville, Maryland.

    Daniel Dobkin

    Daniel Dobkin has been involved in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of communications devices, components, and systems for over 28 years. He holds a BS from the California Institute of Technology, and MS and PhD degrees from Stanford University, all in Applied Physics. He is the author of three books and 30 technical publications, and holds 7 US patents as inventor or co-inventor. He has given numerous talks and classes on radio-frequency identification in the US and Asia. He specializes in physical-layer issues: radios and signal generation, antennas, and signal propagation.