Newnes Signal Processing Ultimate CD

1st Edition


  • Nasser Kehtarnavaz
  • James Broesch
  • Robert Oshana
  • Steven Smith
  • Namjin Kim
  • Analog Devices Inc., Engineeri
  • Steve Winder
  • Description

    The Ultimate Value for Signal Processing Professionals Most engineers rely on a small core of books that are specifically targeted to their job responsibilities. These dog-eared volumes are used daily and considered essential. But budgets and space commonly limit just how many books can be added to your core library. The Newnes Signal Processing Ultimate CD solves this problem. It contains seven of our best-selling titles, providing the "next level" of reference you will need for a fraction of the price of the hard-copy books purchased separately. The CD contains the complete PDF versions of the following Newnes titles: DSP Software Development Techniques for Embedded and Real-Time Systems (Oshana) 0750677597 Digital Signal Processing System-Level Design Using LabVIEW (Kehtarnavaz & Kim) 075067914X Real-Time Digital Signal Processing (Kehtarnavaz) 0750678305 Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques (Analog Devices Inc.) 0750676116 Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists (Smith) 075067444X Analog and Digital Filter Design 2e (Winder) 0750675470 Digital Signal Processing Demystified (Broesch) 1878707167

    Key Features

    * Over 2,900 pages of circuit reference material * Includes 7 titles in full-function Adobe PDF format * Incredible value at a fraction of the cost of bound books


    Computer engineers, embedded systems designers, software engineers who are using or planning to use DSPs in their real-time and embedded designs. Computer and software engineering students.


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    About the editors

    Nasser Kehtarnavaz

    Nasser Kehtarnavaz is Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Texas at Dallas. He has written numerous papers and five other books pertaining to signal and image processing, and regularly teaches digital signal processing laboratory courses, for which this book is intended. Among his many professional activities, he is Coeditor-in-Chief of Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, and Chair of the Dallas Chapter of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. Dr. Kehtarnavaz is a Fellow of SPIE, a Senior Member of IEEE, and a Professional Engineer.

    Robert Oshana

    Rob Oshana has over 25 years of experience in the real-time embedded industry, in both embedded application development as well as embedded tools development. He is currently director of engineering for the Development Technology group at Freescale Semiconductor. Rob is also a Senior Member of IEEE and an adjunct at Southern Methodist University. He can be contacted at

    Analog Devices Inc., Engineeri

    An S&P 500 company with annual revenues over $2 billion, headquartered in Norwood, MA, an industry leader in analog, digital, and mixed signal processing technology.

    Steve Winder

    Steve Winder specializes in designing circuits for telecommunications applications, but has experience in a number of fields. As the current European Applications Engineer for Supertex Inc. Steve works alongside design engineers throughout Europe to design circuits using components made by Supertex, a U.S. based manufacturer of high voltage MOSFETs, CMOS integrated circuits and ASICs. Prior to joining Supertex, Steve was for many years a team leader for a group of analogue and digital design engineers at British Telecom's research and development laboratories, now known as Adastral Park, based near Ipswich, UK. Here, Steve applied his analytical skills to many technical areas but specialized in wideband analogue and digital transmission systems using copper pairs and optical fibre. In this role, Steve's strength was in radio frequency design, low-power design, low-noise design and systems engineering.