This volume contains invited papers and communications presented at the Second World Congress and Fourth European Workshop Meeting on New Developments in Selective Oxidation. The purpose of the meeting was to present new topics and recent advances as well as the discussion of new aspects of fundamental and applied aspects of partial selective oxidation in heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis. The following topics were discussed: New processes for fine chemicals by catalytic oxidation; Recent developments in surface chemistry of oxide catalysts; Novel catalytic systems and preparation methods; Heterogenized homogeneous oxidation catalysts; Selective oxidation and oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes; New industrial developments based on catalytic oxidation reactions; Bio-, photo-, and electro-catalytic oxidation; Oxidation by other agents than dioxygen; Bifunctional metal-on-metal oxide catalysts for selective oxidation.

This book provides a valuable set of data on selective oxidation reactions which will be extremely useful to catalyst and related practitioners, whether fundamentalists or highly applied, and to process engineers who wish to evaluate current findings in this field.

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A selection of the contents. C3-C4 Olefins oxidation. Modelling of propylene oxidation in a circulating fluidized-bed reactor (G.S. Patience, P.L. Mills). Synergy in the Fe-Mo-Sb-O multiphase system (L.E. Cadus et al.). Selective hydrocarbon oxidation at vanadium pentoxide surfaces: ab initio cluster model studies (M. Witko, K. Hermann). Oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes. Comparison between gamma-alumina and aluminium niobate supported vanadium oxides in propane oxidative dehydrogenation (J.-G. Eon et al.). Dispersion of V4+ ions in a SnO2 rutile matrix as a tool for the creation of active sites in ethane oxydehydrogenation (S. Bordoni et al.). Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane over chromia-pillared montmorillonite catalysts (P. Olivera-Pastor et al.). C3-C4 paraffins oxidation. A concise description of the bulk structure of vanadyl pyrophosphate and implications for n-butane (M.R. Thompson et al.). A new commercial scale process for n-butane oxidation to maleic anhydride using a circulating fluidized bed reactor (R.M. Contractor et al.). Oxidation and ammoxidation of propane over tetragonal type M5+OPO4 catalysts (I. Matsuura, N. Kimura). Methane activation. A study of the catalytic oxidative oligomerization of methane to aromatics (A.P.E. York et al.). Investigation of molten cobalt halide/sodium metavanadate mixtures as redox catalysts for the oxidative coupling of methane (J.B. Claridge et al.). Catalytic reactor engineering for the oxidative coupling of methane. Use of a fluidized bed and of a ceramic membrane reactor (A. Santos et al.). Oxidation by supported metals. Gas phase oxidation of benzene to phenol using Pd/Cu salt catalysts. Effect of counter anion in copper salts (K. Sasaki et al.


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