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Approaches and Methods

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Published Date: 29th March 1995
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Neurotoxicology: Approaches and Methods provides a unique and comprehensive presentation of the current concepts and state-of-the-art methods for the assessment of neurotoxicity. The book analyzes various techniques available and discusses their strengths and weaknesses. This volume will serve as an excellent desk companion and laboratory guide for all investigators, researchers, clinicians, and students interested in neurotoxicology. The internationally knowngroup of editors divide the book into seven sections: Neuromorphological and Neuropathological Approaches; Neurophysiological Approaches; Neurobehavioral Toxicology; Neurochemical and Biomolecular Approaches; In-Vitro Models; Clinical Neurotoxicology; and Risk Assessment of Neurotoxicity. Each section yields the most up-to-date information by experts in their fields. Meticulously organized and edited, Neurotoxicology: Approaches and Methods is the most authoritative and well-planned neurotoxicology book on the market.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Discusses neurobehavioral testing methods for assessment of neural dysfunctions

  • Explains state-of-the-art diagnostic methods, such as clinico-neuropsychological and neurophysiological methods, for patients confronted by neurotoxic problems
  • Discusses In Vitro methods, including aggregating brain cell methods, organotypic cultures, and the use of human neuronal cell lines for the assessment of neurotoxicity
  • Presents step-by-step procedures for many methods
  • Provides state-of-the-art neuromorphological and biomolecular methods and approaches for neurotoxicity investigation


Researchers in toxicology, pharmacology and neuroscience.

Table of Contents

ANIMAL MODELS: NEUROMORPHOLOGICAL and NEUROPATHOLOGICAL APPROACHS: Introductory Overview. Selected Histopathological and Histochemical Methods for Neurotoxicity Assessment. Neuroanatomical Techniques for Labeling Neurons and Their Utility in Neurotoxicology. Enzyme Histochemical Methods. Ultrastructural Methods for Neurotoxicology and Neuropathology. Quantitative Morphometry for Neurotoxicity Assessment. NEUROPHYSIOLOGICAL APPROACHES and METHODS: Introductory Overview. Electrophysiological Analysis of Ion Channel Function. Electrophysiological Methods for Analysis of Effects of Neurotoxicants on Synaptic Transmission. Hippocampal Field Potentials: A Model System to Characterize Neurotoxicity. Electrophysiological Analysis of Complex Brain Systems: Sensory Evoked Potentials and Their Generators. NEUROBEHAVIORAL TOXICOLOGY: Introductory Overview. Behavioral Screening Tests: P, P, & F. Neurobehavioral Methods for the Evaluation of Sensory Functions. Motor Function and the Physical Properties of the Operant: Applications to Screening and Advanced Techniques. Approaches to Utilizing Aspects of Cognitive Function as Indicator of Neurotoxicity. Use of Drug Discrimination Learning in Behavioral Toxicology: Classification and Characterization of Toxins. Extrapolating Scientific Data from Animals to Humans in Behavioral Toxicology and Behavioral Pharmacology. Role of Dopaminergic and Glutametergic Neurotransmitter Systems in Lead-Induced Learning Impairments. Dopaminergic Bases of Polychlorinated Biphenyl-Induced Neurotoxicity. Bases of Excitatory Amino Acid System-Related Neurotoxicity. NEUROCHEMICAL and BIOMOLECULAR APPROACHES: Introductory Overview. Basic Biochemical Approaches in Neurotoxicity: Assessment of Neurotransmitters and Neuroreceptors. Biomolecular Approaches to Neurotoxic Hazard Assessment. Nucleic Acid Hybridization Techniques and Neurotoxicity Assessment. Application of the Technique of Brain Microdialysis in Determining the Mechanisms of Action of Neurotoxi


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@qu:"Neurotoxicology: Approaches and Methods is a welcome addition to this burgeoning research and clinical area... This publication is recommended highly to all those who are actively engaged in neurotoxicology, including thosestudying In Vitro systems, as well as those not yet familiar with the considerable advances in the discipline." @source:--NCA/TCS NEWSLETTER @qu:"I am pleased to have it on my bookshelf and I recommend it to others." @source:--Barry Halliwell in FREE RADICAL RESEARCH