Brussels, 21-28 July 1957

1st Edition - January 1, 1959

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  • Editors: L. Van Bogaert, J. Radermecker
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483194257

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Neuropathology, Volume IV presents the proceedings of the First International Congress of Neurological Sciences, held in Brussels, Belgium, on July 21–28, 1957. This book provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of neuropathology. Organized into 84 chapters, this compilation of papers begins with an overview of the problem of multiple sclerosis and its relationship to leucodystrophies. This text then explains the two major histopathological manifestations of the injury caused by the rabies virus in the central nervous system. Other chapters consider the successful identification and isolation of a biologically active compound, which depends to a large extent on the availability of a quantitative bioassay. This book discusses as well the clinical manifestations, pathogenesis, and treatment of multiple sclerosis. The final chapter deals with the study of nucleic acids as well as histochemistry as a method of histological inquiry. This book is a valuable resource for neuropsychiatrists, biochemists, physicians, and scientists.

Table of Contents

  • Editors Preface

    Third International Congress of Neuropathology

    Discussian du theme: pathologie des maladies demye1inisantes

    Uber die Ergebnisse der einmaligen Bestrahlung der trachtigen Maus

    Summary and Comments on Papers and Discussions on the Topic. "Pathology of Multiple Sclerosis"

    The Effect of Irradiation by X-Rays by the Course and Pathology of Rabies in Mouse

    The Effect of Irradiation by X-Rays by the Course and Pathology of Rabies in Mouse

    Morphology and Histochemistry of Degenerative Axonal Changes in the Central Nervous System

    The Neuropathological and Topographical Study of Whole Brains following Neutron Capture Therapy for Glioblastoma Multiforme

    Effects of Atomic Radiation on the Brain in Man. A Study of the Brain of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Casualties

    Recent Observations on Nervous Tissue In Vitro

    Dr. Seitelbergers Entgegnung

    Experimental Tests to the Question of the Fonnal Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis

    Histochemical Findings on Leukodystrophy, (Degenerative Diffuse Sclerosis of the Type Scholz, Bielschowsky and Henneberg)

    L'encephalite periveineuse gliogene demyelinisante primitive

    Subacute inclusion Encephalitis in the Middle-Aged

    Experimental Encephalomyelitis

    Color in Unfixed State and Histological-Chemical Structure of the Plaques of Multiple Sclerosis

    Encephalitogenic Activity of Bovine Cord Protein Fractions

    Die eosinophile Allgemein-Reaktion der peripheren Nerven nach experimenteller Entmarkung

    Cerebral Ultrasonotomy

    Les maladies demyelinisantes: situation de la sclerose en plaques vis-a-vis de leur classement

    Jakob-Creutzfeldt Syndrome. (A Clinical Pathological Report of an Unusual Case)

    Neurological Effects, Immunological Reactions and Neuro-Pathological Findings in Monkeys Fed or Injected with Calf Brain

    The Rotation Process of Pathogenic and Non-Pathogenic Micro-Organisms and Tissue Cells in the Pathology of Demyelinating Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, Neurolyses, Etc.

    Morphologische Analogien zu den Herden der multiplen Sklerose und ihre Deutung

    The Blood-Nerve Barrier in Experimental Animals and Its Influence on the Distribution of Demylineative Lesions in Experimental Allergic Neuritis and Diphtheritic Neuritis

    Histochemistry of Changes Occurring in Degenerating Myelin

    An Experimental Neuropathological Study of the Effects of Ultrasound on the Brain of the Cat

    The State of Nervous Tissue Acetylcholinesterase as Detennined by Cobalt-60 Gamma Radiation Inactivation

    The Effect by the Hypophysis of Radio-Yttrium

    The Effect by the Hypophysis of Radio-Yttrium

    The Radioresistance of Peripheral Nerve

    The Effects on Brain Tumors of Betatron Radiation. A Clinico-Pathological Report of 3 Cases Irradiated After Tumor Removal

    L'influence de l'honnone epiphysaire,de If} cortisone et de la thyroxine sur l'incorporation du pu dans les differents segments de I'encephale chez Ie rat

    Dynamics of the Distribution of Labeled Drugs in Different Parts of the Rat's Brain

    The Effects of Roentgen Radiation on Experimentally Induced Gliomas. II.Studies Using the Ultraviolet Microscope

    Spatschadigung des Ruckenmarkes bei Rontgenbestrahlung

    The Acute Morphological Changes Induced in the Central Nervous System of Monkeys by Gamma Radiation

    Effects of Beta Rays by a Single Nerve Fiber

    The Cerebral Migration of Radioisotopes with Special Reference to Autoradiograms

    Neurosecretion as a Neuronal Process

    Modifications du contenu proteinique des neurones des voies optiques a differents niveaux pendant des activites fonctionnelles variees et pendant la narcose a l'heptane

    Etude de quelques composes histochimiques dans Ie ganglion cervical superieur chez l'homme apres stimulation electrique

    Experimental Nutritional Degeneration of the Anterior Horn Motor Cells in Guittea-Pigs

    A propos des lesions du globus pallidus dans les myopathies

    L'etat hyperchromophile des cellules nerveuses

    Cytologie des tumeurs nerveuses

    Nature pseudo-Iesionnelle des 'cellules sombres' en neuropathologie: Etude duchoc et de l'asphyxie

    Cytochemical Alterations of Neurons Induced by Psychopathogenic Nitriles

    The Retinal Lesions in Some Viral Infections of Animals

    The Pathology of H. Influenza Meningitis

    Histopathology of Nerve-Cells and Neuroglia of the Central Nervous System in Trauma and Degenerative Disease

    Palaeocerebellar Atrophy with Extrapyramidal Manifestations in Association with Bronchiectases and Telangiectases of the Conjunctiva Bulbi as a Familial Syndrome

    Progressive Cerebral Degeneration Affecting both the White and Gray Matter

    The Vascular Patholoky of Certain Extrapyramidal Syndromes in the Elderly

    On Population Genetics of Huntington's Chorea in Japan

    The Parvocellular Red Nucleus and Its Descending Connections to the Inferior Olive

    Sur une forme particuliere d' atrophie lamellaire des cellules de Purkinje

    Atrophy of the Brain and Status Mannoratus as an Intrauterine Disease

    The Pathology of Friedreich's Ataxia

    Remarks Abstracting the Papers of Messrs. Biemond, Sedgwick and Von Hagen, Urich, Sager and Hornet, Tadros and Sorour, Ogawa

    Diabetic 'Myelopathy' with Formation of Aberrant Nerve Fibers in the Spinal Cord

    A Histoautoradiographic Study of Changes in Motoneurones Following Denervation. Incorporation of Methionin

    Les lesions cerebrales de l'avitaminose B12

    Role of Ethanol in the Production of Prematurity and Neurological Defects

    Functional and Morphological Changes following Anoxia of the Brain and Attempt to Influence Them

    Cerebellar Astrocytomas

    Brainstem Involvement in Collagen Vascular Diseases

    Carotico-Vertebral Arterial Stenosis

    Epithelioma cylindromateux du palais; syndrome paralytique unilateral des nerfs craniens; propapgation tumorale 'hodotropique' le long de la pie-mere medullaire et dans les racines et ganglions rachidiens

    Le ventriculocele - une malformation congenitale cranio - cerebrale peu connue

    Etude clinique, chirurgicale et histologique d'un cas de gangliogliome du cervelet

    The Influence of Cysticercosis on the Formation of Brain Tumors

    A propos des hemangioblastomes du cerveau

    Diagnostic Value of Muscle Tissue Culture

    Polarisationsoptische Untersuchungsbefunde der Extremitatenmuskulatur bei chronischen peripheren Durchblutungsstorungen

    Degeneration and Regeneration of Intramuscular Nerve Endings (Study of Nerve Endings in Over 100 Biopsies)

    L' energie vibratoire et la pathologie de l'organe de l'ouie

    A Comparative Study of Certain Olfactory Centers in the Mole, Guinea Pig, Cat and Man

    Observations on the Mechanism of the Neurological Complications of Behcet's Disease

    Retention of Visual Habits after Serial Temporal and Parietal Lesions in Macaques

    Weight, Atrophy and Repair in the Very Old Human Brain. Findings in the Brain of Eight Patients Over 90 Years of Age

    Functional Localization in the Cerebellum: A Clinico-Pathological Report

    Some Comments on the Pathological Cavity in the Brain

    Contribution ala connaissance de la degeneration d' Alzheimer dans la come d' Ammon

    Contribution to the Histological Study of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System under Acute Poisoning from Potassium Atractylate

    Histochemical Study on the Modifications of Nucleic Ducleo-Cytoplasmic Acids in the Cerebrospinal Nervous System and in the Various Exfernal and Internal Organs of Pigeons, Rats, Guinea-Pigs and Rabbits Under Acute Experimental Poisoning From Potassium Atractylate


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  • No. of pages: 366
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1959
  • Published: January 1, 1959
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483194257

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