Neuroanatomy for Medical Students

Neuroanatomy for Medical Students

2nd Edition - March 6, 1992

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  • Author: J. L. Wilkinson
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483183916

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Neuroanatomy for Medical Students, Second Edition provides a fundamental knowledge base that is essential to a proper understanding of the clinical neurosciences. This edition includes additional topics on neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, and applied anatomy. The areas on cell membrane structure and function, motor control, muscle spindles, spinocerebellar tracts, reticular formation, striatal transmitters, and retinal neurons are updated. This book also expands the topics on pineal gland, pituitary tumors, split brain effect, visual cortex, neural plasticity, and barrel fields. The topography of ventricles and summary table of cranial nerve are likewise revised. Other materials covered include nerve growth factor, neural transplantation, dorsal column transection, cerebellar memory, and perivascular spaces. The neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, nuclear magnetic resonance, and position emission tomography are also discussed. This publication is a good reference for medical students intending to acquire knowledge of basic neurobiology.

Table of Contents

  • Contents

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    Chapter 1 Development and Topography of the Nervous System


    The Spinal Cord

    The Brain

    General Topography In The Adult

    Peripheral Nervous System

    Central Nervous System

    Chapter 2 Neurons and Neuroglia

    The Neuron

    Neurocytological Investigation



    Chapter 3 Peripheral Nervous System

    Structure of Peripheral Nerves

    Classification of Nerve Fibres

    Myelinated and Non-Myelinated Nerve Fibres


    Degeneration and Regeneration After Injury

    Peripheral Receptors and Effectors



    Autonomic Nervous System

    Visceral Afférents

    Visceral Efferents

    Enteric Innervation

    Research: Nerve Growth Factor

    Applied Anatomy

    Regional Anatomy

    Chapter 4 Spinal Cord

    Gross Anatomy

    Grey Matter and Nuclei

    Dorsal Horn (Somatic and Visceral Afferent)

    Lateral Horn (Visceral Efferent)

    Ventral Horn (Somatic Efferent)

    The Laminar Architecture of Rexed

    Intrinsic Spinal Mechanisms and Motor Control

    White Matter and Tracts

    Ascending Tracts

    Descending Tracts

    Applied Anatomy

    Chapter 5 Brainstem

    Transition From Spinal Cord To Medulla Oblongata

    White Matter

    Grey Matter

    General Topography of the Brainstem



    Fourth Ventricle


    Internal Structure of the Brainstem




    The Reticular Formation

    Applied Anatomy

    Chapter 6 Cranial Nerves


    General Comparison of Cranial and Spinal Nerves

    The Hypoglossal (Xii) Nerve

    Applied Anatomy

    The Accessory (Xi) Nerve

    Applied Anatomy

    The Vagus (X) and Glossopharyngeal (IX) Nerves

    Motor Components

    Sensory Components

    Distribution of the Glossopharyngeal Nerve

    Distribution of the Vagus Nerve

    Applied Anatomy

    The Vestibulocochlear (VIII) Nerve

    The Vestibular Nerve

    Applied Anatomy

    The Cochlear Nerve

    Applied Anatomy

    The Facial (VII) Nerve

    Motor Components

    Sensory Components

    Course and Distribution of the Facial Nerve

    Applied Anatomy

    The Abducent (VI), Trochlear (IV) and Oculomotor (III) Nerves

    The Abducent Nerve

    The Trochlear Nerve

    The Oculomotor Nerve

    Applied Anatomy

    The Trigeminal (V) Nerve

    Sensory Components

    Motor Component

    Course and Distribution of the Trigeminal Nerve

    Applied Anatomy

    Cranial Nerve Summary

    Chapter 7 Cerebellum

    General Structure

    Cerebellar Cortex

    Research: Learning, Memory and Motor Control

    Cerebellar Peduncles

    Afferent Connexions

    Efferent Connexions

    Applied Anatomy

    Chapter 8 Diencephalon and Internal Capsule


    Thalamic Nuclei

    Summary of Thalamic Functions

    Applied Anatomy

    Thalamic Radiations and The Internal Capsule

    Applied Anatomy


    Applied Anatomy


    Applied Anatomy


    Topography and Structure

    Afferent Connexions

    Efferent Connexions

    Summary of Hypothalamic Functions

    Applied Anatomy

    Pituitary Tumours

    Chapter 9 Corpus Striatum


    Striatal Connexions

    Striatal Afferent Fibres

    Striatal Efferent Fibres

    Pallidal Connexions

    Pallidal Efferents

    Functions of the Basal Ganglia

    Applied Anatomy

    Research: Neural Transplantation

    Chapter 10 Olfactory and Limbic Systems

    Olfactory Pathways

    Applied Anatomy

    The Limbic System

    Hippocampal Formation

    Amygdaloid Nucleus

    Limbic Projections To The Brainstem

    Functions of the Limbic System

    Applied Anatomy

    Chapter 11 Visual System

    The Retina

    Visual Pathway

    Image Projection and Processing

    Research: Cortical Columnar Organization, Callosal Connexions

    Applied Anatomy

    Chapter 12 Cerebral Cortex

    Cytology and Cytoarchitecture

    Cortical Neurons

    Laminar Structure of the Neocortex

    Cortical Classification

    Functional Columnar Organization

    Cerebral White Matter

    Association Fibres

    Commissural Fibres

    Projection Fibres

    Functional Localization

    Parietal Lobe

    Occipital Lobe

    Temporal Lobe

    Frontal Lobe

    General Considerations

    Cerebral Dominance



    Applied Anatomy


    Chapter 13 Méninges, Cerebrospinal Fluid and Cerebral Ventricles

    Intracranial Méninges

    Dura Mater

    Durai Venous Sinuses

    Arachnoid Mater and Pia Mater

    Spinal Méninges

    Cerebrospinal Fluid

    Blood-Brain Barrier

    Topography of Cerebral Ventricles

    Lateral Ventricles

    The Third Ventricle

    Applied Anatomy

    Radiological Investigations

    Research: Position Emission Tomography

    Chapter 14 Blood Supply of the Central Nervous System

    Arteries of the Brain

    Cerebral Cortical Blood Supply

    Central Arteries

    Posterior Cranial Fossa

    Venous Drainage of the Brain

    External Cerebral Veins

    Internal Cerebral Veins

    Blood Vessels of the Spinal Cord

    Applied Anatomy


    Chapter 15 Neurotransmitter Pathways of the Central Nervous System

    Monoamine Systems

    Noradrenaline Neurons and Pathways

    Dopamine Neurons and Pathways

    Adrenaline Neurons and Pathways

    Serotonin (5-HT) Neurons and Pathways

    Cholinergic Systems

    Cholinergic Pathways

    Amino Acid Systems

    y-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)



    Peptide Systems

    Glossary: Neuroanatomical and Clinical Terminology



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  • No. of pages: 322
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1992
  • Published: March 6, 1992
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483183916

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