This Progress in Brain Research volume is the outgrowth of a symposium entitled "Neural Development and Plasticity" which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The reader will find substantial new information about the mechanisms underlying growth cone dynamics, about molecules involved in axon outgrowth and cell adhesion, the role of proteoglycans and glial factors in directing or confirming axons to their appropriate targets, and the role of myelin-associated growth inhibitors.

The book will contribute new ideas and identifies new questions of primary importance to developmental neurobiology.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors. Preface. Section I. Neural Differentiation and Axon–Target Interactions. 1. Clonal architecture of the mouse retina (D. Goldowitz, D.S. Rice, R.W. Williams). 2. Early development of the cerebral cortex (C.B. Reid, C.A. Walsh). 3. Growth cone behaviors during axon guidance in the developing cerebral cortex (K. Kalil). 4. Specification of layer–specific connections in the developing cortex (J. Bolz et al.). 5. Cellular mechanisms regulating neurite initiation (K.L. Lankford, A.M. Kenney, J.D. Kocsis). 6. Prenatal development of axon outgrowth and connectivity (V.A. Casagrande, A.E. Wiencken). 7. Retinal axon divergence in the optic chiasm: growth cone behaviors and signalling cells (C.A. Mason, R.C. Marcus, L.–C. Wang). 8. Cell adhesion/recognition molecule–mediated steps during the guidance of commissural and motor axons (L. Landmesser). Section II. Role of Glia and Extracellular Matrix in Neurite Growth. 9. Extracellular matrix in early cortical development (A.L. Pearlman, A.M. Sheppard). 10. Unilateral containment of retinal axons by tectal glia: a possible role for sulfated proteoglycans (S. Jhaveri, D. Hoffman–Kim). 11. Proteoglycans and other repulsive molecules in glial boundaries during development and regeneration of the nervous system (A. Höke, J. Silver). 12. Axon decussation and midline glia in the developing ferret auditory hindbrain (J.K. Brunso–Bechtold, C.K. Henkel). 13. Myelin–associated neurite growth inhibitors: regulators of plastic changes of neural connections in the central nervous system (J.P. Kapfhammer). Section III. The Role of Neural Activity in Development. 14. NMDA–receptor–dependent synaptic plasticity in the visual cortex (M.F. Bear). 15. The role of excitatory amino acid transmission in development and plasticity of SI barrel cortex (K. Fox). 16. The role of NMDA receptors and nitric oxide in reti


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