Network Algorithmics

1st Edition

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Designing Fast Networked Devices

Print ISBN: 9780123908513
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Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann
Published Date: 15th December 2004
Page Count: 496
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Many networking books cover the protocols so that professionals have an understanding of the fundamentals of network infrastructure. This book takes a completely new approach and focuses on the needs of those who are implementing protocols in networking products as opposed to designing protocols. The book provides a set of techniques to overcome implementation bottlenecks at all networking devices (mainly servers and routers) and provides a set of principles and models to help overcome current and future networking bottlenecks. An interdisciplinary approach is used because the techniques for applying these principles come from diverse areas of computing such as architecture, operating systems, hardware design, and algorithms.

Table of Contents

1 Introducing Network Algorithmics 2 Network Implementation Models 3 Fifteen Implementation Principles 4 Principles in Action 5 Copying Data 6 Transfering Control 7 Maintaining Timers 8 Demultiplexing 9 Protocol Processing 10 Exact Match Lookups 11 Prefix Match Lookups 12 Packet Classification 13 Switching 14 Scheduling Packets 15 Routers as Distributed Systems 16 Measuring Network Traffic 17 Network Security 18 Conclusions Appendix A Detailed Models


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"George Varghese has had a remarkable impact on the real world of networking with his algorithmic innovations over many years. The networking research and development community is fortunate that he has now distilled his knowledge in this very readable, insightful, and much-needed book." --Bruce Davie, Cisco Fellow, Cisco Systems "This book nicely describes implementation tricks for building fast networking stacks, particularly in routers. This is a much needed book, I don't know of any other that covers this sort of implementation advice. George Varghese has invented several techniques to help speed up the Internet and in his book he provides interesting insight into this, and much more." --Radia Perlman, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems