Key Features

Concise, descriptive and illustrative format which helps to demonstrate the most
important principles in pharmacology
Full color illustrations showing the organ systems coupled with illustrations
showing how a drug works at a particular physiologic site
Illustrative conceptualization of pharmacology principles in summary format
Not intended to be a "stand alone" pharmacology text -- Compatible with currently
used textbooks of pharmacology

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Basic Principles of Pharmacology

Overview 1
Major Ways in Which Drugs Work
Eliminate External and Internal Threats 2
Replenish or Neutralize Endogenous Chemicals 4
Modulate Physiologic Processes 5
Chemical Communication
Chemical Transmission at the Synapse 6
Synapse Morphology 7
Pharmacodynamics Receptors and Signaling 8
Receptor Subtypes 9
Agonists 10
Antagonists 11
Stereochemistry and 3-Dimensional Fit 12
Receptor-Effector Coupling 13
Signal Transduction and Cross Talk 14
Second-Messenger Pathways 15
Ligand-Gated Ion Channels 16
G Protein–Coupled Receptors 17
Trk Receptors 18
Nuclear Receptors 19
Up-regulation and Down-regulation of Receptors 20
Dose-Response Curves 21
Potency 22
Efficacy 22
Inverse Agonists 23
Antagonists: Surmountable (Reversible) and Nonsurmountable (Irreversible) 24
Routes of Administration 25
First-Pass Effect 26
Membrane Transport 27
Distribution 28
Barriers 29
Metabolism (Biotransformation) of Drugs 30
Cytochrome P-450 (CYP450) Enzymes 31
Metabolic Enzyme Induction and Inhibition 32
Elimination 33

Chapter 2. Drugs Used to Affect the Autonomic and Somatic Nervous Systems

Overview 35
Organization of the Nervous System
Organization of the Nervous System 36
Action of Drugs on Nerve Excitability 37
Somatic Nervous System
Interface of the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
and Organization of the Somatic Division 38
Neuromuscular Transmission 39
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor 40
Physiology of the Neuromuscular Junction 41
Pharmacology of the Neuromuscular Junction 42
Mechanism of Action of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors 43
Neuromuscular Blocking Agents: Nondepolarizing and Depolarizing 44
Autonomic Nervous System
Autonomic Nervous System: Schema 45
Sympathetic Fight or Flight Response 46
Cholinergic a


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