Net Worth

1st Edition

Using the Internet for Personal Financial Planning

Authors: Carrie Mauriello
Paperback ISBN: 9781884133831
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 26th September 2001
Page Count: 500


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Carrie Mauriello invites readers to take maximum advantage of the Internet's plethora of financial resources with Net Worth, Second Edition. This book helps to make the electronic superhighway a personal partner in building wealth. This edition includes discussions and Web resources that examine financial planning as well as investment tools to aid readers in identifying the most promising strategies. This book reveals that the Internet is a robust, powerful and profitable resource. This volume is a must-have for the shrewd investor and financial partner. · Helps the reader calculate net worth · Gives basics of capital accumulation · Discusses a wide variety of investment tools, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, IPOs and futures · Explains the fundamentals of life, health, disability, property, and liability insurance · Covers debt, financing, taxes, education funding, retirement planning, home buying, and estate planning

Net Worth Second Edition will also introduce readers to websites, books,. Magazines, on-line services, and more. The book comprises a primer on personal financial management and an exhaustive collection of finance-related tools, links, and resources available on the internet.

Key Features

a primer for the average person looking to manage their own financial well-being inexpensively but expertly

an easy-to-use reference for financial planning resources, with an exhaustive list of books, magazines, organizations, and websites which will save the reader time and energy


anyone interested in personal finance; computer-savvy investors;

Table of Contents

Introduction; Where Are You Starting? Calculating Your Net Worth; The Basics of Capital Accumulation; The Joy of Stocks; For the Rich and/or Brave: Stock Options, IPOs, and Commodities Futures; The Zen of Bonds; The Art of Mutual Funds; Insurance Fundamentals; What Are You Worth? The Art of Life Insurance Calculating Risk: The Economics of Health and Disability Insurance; The Ground We Stand On: Property and Liability Insurance; Understanding the Different Kinds of Debt; Good Debt: Mortgage Debt; The Rip-Off of REvolving Credit Debt; College Loans and Other Solutions For Financing Higher Education; Financing Your Car; Basics of the U.S. Federal Income Tax; Tax Saving Techniques & the Art of Electronic Filing; Gimme Shelter: The Art of Tax-Sheltered Investments; Retirement Planning Using Employment-Related Investment Options; The Art of Homebuying; Estate Planning Fundamentals;


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About the Author

Carrie Mauriello

is a small business owner and a freelance writer whoearned her BA in English from Arizona State University. She has done extensive post-graduate work and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree inlaw. She is also a venture capitalist for an Internet start-up company.

Affiliations and Expertise

BA in English from Arizona State Universityindependent business consultant, venture capitalist