Key Features

  • the only one-stop guide for examination and treatment of the upper quadrant supported by accurate scientific and clinical-based data
  • acknowledges the expanding direct access role of the various health professions both at the entry-level and postgraduate level
  • addresses concerns among clinicians that research is overemphasized at the expense of experiential knowledge and pathophysiologic rationale
  • multiple-contributed by expert clinicians and researchers with an international outlook
  • covers diagnosis, prognosis and conservative treatment of the most commonly seen pain syndromes in clinical practice
  • over 800 illustrations demonstrating examination procedures and techniques

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction

  1. Epidemiology
    Louise Thwaites, Karen Walker-Bone
  2. History taking
    Peter A Huijbregts
  3. Physical examination
    Shane Koppenhaver, Timothy Flynn
  4. Imaging studies
    Hilmir Agustsson
  5. Electrodiagnostic studies
    Caroline A Quartly
  6. Myofascial trigger points
    Jozef L M Franssen, Carel Bron, Jan Dommerholt
  7. Part 2 Cervical–thoracic spine

  8. Mechanical neck pain
    Bryan S Dennison, Michael H Leal
  9. Whiplash associated disorders
    Michele Sterling
  10. Cervical myelopathy and radiculopathy
    Chad E Cook, Amy E Cook
  11. Thoracic outlet syndrome
    Susan W Stralka
  12. Thoracic spine manipulation
    William Egan, Paul Glynn, Joshua A Cleland
  13. Cervical spine mobilization and manipulation
    John R Krauss, Douglas S Creighton
  14. Therapeutic exercise for mechanical neck pain
    Carol Kennedy
  15. Part 3 The shoulder region

  16. Acromio-clavicular joint
    Janette W Powell, Ian Shrier, Peter A Huijbregts
  17. Sterno-clavicular joint
    Erland Pettman
  18. Rotator cuff lesions: shoulder impingement
    Peter A Huijbregts, Carel Bron
  19. Gleno-humeral instability
    Steven C Allen, Russell S VanderWilde, Peter Huijbregts
  20. Superior labrum anterior-to-posterior (SLAP) lesions
    Janette W Powell, Peter A Huijbregts
  21. Frozen shoulder
    Carel Bron, Arthur de Gast, Jozef L M Franssen
  22. Mobilization with movement of the shoulder joint
    Wayne Hing, Jack Miller
  23. Motor control of the shoulder region
    Mary E Magarey, Mark A Jones
  24. Therapeutic exercises for the shoulder region
    Johnson McEvoy, Kieran O'Sullivan, Carel Bron
  25. Part 4 The elbow region


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