Navigating Problem Based Learning

1st Edition


  • Samy Azer
    • Electronic ISBN 9780729578271
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    Key Features

    • Examples of PBL cases, assessment questions, mechanisms and flow diagrams
    • Keys for successful group discussion, tips for self-directed learning and for passing examinations.
    • Instruction for using reflective journals and other resources.

    Table of Contents

    About This Book
    Why Did I write This Book?
    Who Should Read This Book?
    How This Book Is Organized

    PART I Introduction to Problem-Based Learning
    1. Problem-Based Learning Overview
    Why Do We Do Problem-Based Learning?
    How Is Problem-Based Learning Different from What I Used to Do?
    Defining Problem-Based Learning
    What Are the Aims of Problem-Based Learning?
    What Are the Roles of Tutors in Problem-Based Learning?
    2. Problem-Based Learning Cases
    Essential Elements in a Problem-Based Learning Case
    Educational Tasks in Problem-Based Learning Templates
    What Makes a Good Problem-Based Learning Case?
    3. Problem-Based Learning Tutorials
    Steps in Problem-Based Learning Tutorials
    Student-Centered Approach and Collaborative Learning
    Qualities of a Successful Group
    Keys for Successful Group Discussion
    Action Verbs and Group Dynamics
    Typical Problems in Problem-Based Learning Tutorials
    PART II How to Foster Your Study Skills in a Problem-Based Learning Course?
    4. Self-Directed Learning
    What Does Self-Directed Learning Mean?
    Self-Directed Learning vs Spoon Feeding Approach
    Self-Directed Learning and Problem-Based Learning Curriculum
    Research and Self-Directed Learning
    5. Learning Issues
    Defining the Learning Issues of a Problem-Based Learning Course
    Approaches for Collection of Information
    Construction of Information
    6. Construction of Mechanisms and Flow Diagrams
    Backward versus Forward Mechanisms
    Uses of Mechanisms in Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2
    Use of Mechanisms and Flow Diagrams in Assessment
    Keys for Successful Writing of Mechanisms
    7. Effective Use of Recourses
    Resources Used in Problem-Based Learning Courses
    Searching For Scientific Reviews
    Effective Use of Medical Dictionaries
    Effective Use of Textbooks
    Effective use of Online Resources and Comp


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