Natural Product Biosynthesis by Microorganisms and Plants Part C, Volume 517

1st Edition

Serial Volume Editors: David Hopwood
Hardcover ISBN: 9780124046344
eBook ISBN: 9780124046177
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st November 2012
Page Count: 512
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Table of Contents



Methods in Enzymology

Chapter One. Methods for the Study of Endophytic Microorganisms from Traditional Chinese Medicine Plants

1 Introduction

2 Experimental Methods

3 Novel Bioactive Compounds from Endophytic Actinobacteria

4 Conclusion


Chapter Two. Cyanobacteria as a Source of Natural Products

1 Introduction

2 Cyanobacteria as Starting Material for Natural Products

3 Screening for New Compounds and Producers

4 Genomic Mining of Cyanobacterial Natural Products

5 Summary


Chapter Three. Isolating Antifungals from Fungus-Growing Ant Symbionts Using a Genome-Guided Chemistry Approach

1 Introduction

2 Strain Isolation and Genome Sequencing

3 Identifying Antifungals made by Pseudonocardia P1

4 Identifying Antifungals made by S. albus S4

5 Summary and Perspectives


Chapter Four. Gamma-Butyrolactone and Furan Signaling Systems in Streptomyces

1 Introduction

2 AfsA-Like Enzymes and the Biosynthesis of Signaling Molecules

3 Heterologous Expression of an AfsA-Like-Containing Mini-Cluster Combined with Comparative Metabolic Profiling

4 Genetic Disruption of mmfLHP and Chemical Complementation Experiments

5 Conclusion


Chapter Five. Old Meets New: Using Interspecies Interactions to Detect Secondary Metabolite Production in Actinomycetes

1 Introduction

2 Setting Up Binary Actinomycete Interactions

3 Activity-Guided Fractionation for Amychelin Isolation

4 Determining the Affinity of Amychelin for Fe

5 Identifying the Amychelin Biosynthetic Gene Cluster

6 Transcriptomic Analysis using Nanostring Technology

7 Summary


Chapter Six. Finding and Analyzing Plant Metabolic Gene Clusters

1 Introduc


This new volume of Methods in Enzymology continues the legacy of this premier serial by containing quality chapters authored by leaders in the field. The third of 3 volumes covering Natural product biosynthesis by microorganisms and plants.

Key Features

  • This new volume continues the legacy of this premier serial
  • Contains quality chapters authored by leaders in the field
  • The third of 3 volumes, it has chapters on such topics as metabolic pathways in Aspergillus oryzae, heterologous gene clusters and cyanobacteria as a source of natural products


Biochemists, biophysicists, molecular biologists, analytical chemists, and physiologists


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