Nanoparticles in Translational Science and Medicine, Volume 104

1st Edition

Serial Volume Editors: A Villaverde
Hardcover ISBN: 9780124160200
eBook ISBN: 9780123914637
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 28th November 2011
Page Count: 648
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Table of Contents



Liposomes and Other Vesicular Systems

I. Introduction

II. Description and Classification of Vesicles

III. Techniques for Vesicle Structural Characterization

IV. Vesicles as Carriers for the Delivery of Bioactive Molecules

V. Methods of Preparation

VI. Conclusions and Future Challenges

Luminescent Quantum Dots, Making Invisibles Visible in Bioimaging

I. Introduction

II. Preparation of QDs for Bioconjugation

III. Labeling Cell Surfaces with QDs

IV. Delivery of QDs in Living Cells

V. Photodynamic Therapy by Quantum Dots

VI. Concluding Remarks

Fabrication of Dendrimers Toward Biological Application

I. Introduction

II. Are Dendrimers Attractive in Biomedical Sciences?

III. Drug Delivery Systems of Dendrimers

IV. Targeting Delivery of Dendrimers

V. Dendrimers for Therapy

VI. Dendrimers as Imaging Agents for Inspection

VII. Conclusions

Carbohydrate-Based Nanoparticles for Potential Applications in Medicine

I. Introduction

II. Metallic Carbohydrate-Based Nanoparticles for In Vitro Detection of Cells and Pathogens

III. Metallic Carbohydrate-Based Nanoparticles for In Vivo Diagnosis by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

IV. Metallic Carbohydrate-Based Nanoparticles for In Vivo Diagnosis by Optical Imaging

V. Metallic Carbohydrate-Based Nanoparticles in Therapy

VI. NonMetallic Polysaccharide-Based Nanoparticles in Therapy

VII. Conclusions


Carbon Nanotubes

I. Introduction

II. Characterization

III. Synthesis

IV. Post-Synthesis

V. Biomedical Applications

VI. Summary and Outlook

Engineered Biological Entities for Drug Delivery and Gene Therapy

I. Introduction



This volume explores some of the most exciting recent advances in basic research on nanoparticles in translational science and medicine and how this knowledge is leading to advances in the various fields.

Key Features

  • This series provides a forum for discussion of new discoveries, approaches, and ideas
  • Contributions from leading scholars and industry experts
  • Reference guide for researchers involved in molecular biology and related fields


Researchers, professors and graduate students in biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, and medicine.


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Praise for the series:
"Full of interest not only for the molecular biologist-for whom the numerous references will be invaluable-but will also appeal to a much wider circle of biologists, and in fact to all those who are concerned with the living cell." --British Medical Journal

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