This book is a good introductory work to nanoparticle technology. It consists of nine complementary chapters that can be read independently. This book covers promising nanoparticles fabrication technologies with a focus on scalable processes. Integration of nanoparticles into 2D and 3D structures are covered in detail. The most promising applications of nanoparticles in the energy, optoelectronic and biomedical sectors are summarized and discussed. Current issues and challenges related to nanoparticles production and utilisation are also discussed in the book.

Key Features

  • Complete and simple overview of the field
  • Contains practical examples that makes the book also accessible for industrialists, engineers and managers
  • Chapters can be read relatively independently so experienced researchers can go directly to the them of interest
  • Advantages, drawbacks and challenges are described with practical examples


Researchers, industrialists, engineers and managers in nanoscience.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Nanoparticle Fundamentals

1 Introduction

2 Classification

3 Functionalization, Formulation, Characterization, and Nanometrology

4 Scale-Up and Quality Control

5 Value Chain—From Raw Materials to Market

6 Implications of Wider Use of NPs


Chapter 2. Wet Production Methods

1 Introduction

2 Sonochemistry

3 Supercritical Fluid

4 Solvothermal and Hydrothermal

5 Microwave

6 Electrically Induced Synthesis

7 Spray Pyrolysis

8 Emulsion

9 Sol–Gel

10 Template Synthesis

11 Green Chemistry

12 Others

13 Continuous Flow Reactor and Scale-up

14 Purification, Size-Selective and Other Posttreatment Processes


Chapter 3. Dry Production Methods

1 Introduction

2 Mechanical Synthesis

3 Gas Phase

4 Others


Chapter 4. Nanoparticle Assembling and System Integration

1 Introduction

2 Template and Nanoreactor

3 Self-Assembling and Direct Assembling

4 Nanocomposite-Based Deposition Techniques

5 External Field

6 Spray Deposition

7 Others


Chapter 5. Clean Energy

1 Introduction

2 Catalysis

3 Fuel Cells and Electrocatalysts

4 Solar Cell

5 Energy Storage

6 Energy Saving

7 Other Applications of NPs


Chapter 6. Biomedical

1 Introduction

2 Optical Biosensing

3 Electrical Sensor

4 Electroanalytical and Electrochemical Sensing

5 Magnetic Sensing

6 Multiplexing Techniques

7 Drug Delivery and Therapeutics

8 Other Medical Applications

9 Food, Protein, and Biotechnology

10 Miscellaneous Applications



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About the editor

Farid Bensebaa

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The National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Engineering, Ottawa, Ontatio, Canada


"For people just entering the fields of nanotechnology and nanomaterials, Bensebaa…describes the different techniques for assembling nanoparticles…to form cost-effective functional film and devices. He covers nanoparticle fundamentals, wet and dry production methods, nanoparticle assembling and system integration, clean energy, biomedical applications, optoelectronics, environmental and societal applications and implications, and challenges and perspectives."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013