Mycoviruses - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780123943156, 9780123946058

Mycoviruses, Volume 86

1st Edition

Serial Volume Editors: Said Ghabrial
eBook ISBN: 9780123946058
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123943156
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 2nd April 2013
Page Count: 376
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Table of Contents

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Chapter One. Viruses and Prions of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

1 Introduction

2 L-A Virus and the Killer Satellite dsRNAs

3 Biology of the S. cerevisiae dsRNA Viruses

4 Yeast Narnaviruses: 20S and 23S RNAs

5 Yeast Prions

6 Biology of Yeast Prions

7 Prospects

Chapter Two. Multiplexed Interactions

1 Introduction

2 Classification of Fungal Endophytes

3 Viruses of Fungal Endophytes

4 Roles of Viruses in Endophytic Fungi

5 Practical Roles for Endophyte Viruses

6 Summary

Chapter Three. 3D Structures of Fungal Partitiviruses

1 Introduction to Partitiviruses

2 Partitivirus Capsid Structures

3 Partitivirus RdRp and dsRNA Structures

4 Comparisons with Other Bisegmented dsRNA Viruses

5 Comparisons with Other Fungal Viruses with Encapsidated dsRNA Genomes

6 Proposed Revisions to Partitivirus Taxonomy

Chapter Four. Chrysovirus Structure


1 Introduction

2 dsRNA Virus Core Proteins

3 Penicillium chrysogenum Virus Capsid Structure

4 Cryphonectria nitschkei Chrysovirus Capsid Structure

5 Comparison of Chrysovirus and Totivirus CPs: Evolutionary Relationships

6 dsRNA Organization Within the Capsid

7 Conclusions and Prospects

Chapter Five. Hypovirus Molecular Biology

1 Introduction

2 Molecular Characterization of Hypovirulence-Associated dsRNAs

3 The Hypoviridae

4 Technical Challenges of Mycovirus Research: Development of the Hypovirus Experimental System and Completion of Koch’s Postulates

5 Hypovirus Translation and Gene Expression

6 Impact of Hypovirus Infection on the Fungal Host

7 Fungal Antiviral Defense Mechanisms

8 Concluding Remarks

Chapter Six. The Family Narnaviridae

1 Introduction

2 Discovery and Early Work on the Narnaviridae with Emphasis on Selected Systems

3 Early Work Leading to Description of Mitoviruses

4 Relationships Among Members of the Narnaviridae

5 Population Biology of Members of the Narnaviridae

6 Other Genome Features and Molecular Manipulation of Members of the Narnaviridae

7 Conclusions and Future Directions

Chapter Seven. Viruses of the White Root Rot Fungus, Rosellinia necatrix

1 Introduction

2 Viruses of R. necatrix

3 Expansion of Host Ranges of R. necatrix-Infecting Viruses

4 Conclusions and Prospects

Chapter Eight. Viruses of the Plant Pathogenic Fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

1 Introduction

2 Mycoviruses of S. sclerotiorum

3 The Interaction Between Mycovirus and S. sclerotiorum

4 Coinfection of S. sclerotiorum with Multiple Mycoviruses

5 The Potential Use of Mycoviruses to Control Sclerotinia Diseases

6 Conclusions and Prospects

Chapter Nine. Viruses of Botrytis

1 Introduction

2 Molecular Characterization and Phylogenetic Relationships of Botrytis Viruses

3 Effects of Viruses on Botrytis

4 Virus Transmission

5 Conclusions and Future Research

Chapter Ten. Insight into Mycoviruses Infecting Fusarium Species

1 Introduction

2 Isolation and Characterization of dsRNA Mycoviruses Infecting Fusarium Species

3 Diversity of Fusarium Mycoviruses Based on Genome Organization

4 Identification of Fungal Host Factors by Proteomics and Transcriptomics

5 Transmission of Fusarium Mycovirus by Protoplast

6 Future Directions for Research on Mycovirus–Host Interactions

Chapter Eleven. Viruses of Helminthosporium (Cochlioblus) victoriae

1 Introduction

2 Historical Perspectives

3 Viruses of H. victoriae

4 Host Genes Upregulated by Virus Infection

5 HvV190S Capsid Structure

6 Concluding Remarks

Chapter Twelve. Phytophthora Viruses

1 Introduction to Oomycetes—Phylogeny, Habitats, and Properties

2 History of Oomycete Virus Research

3 Properties of Four Viruses of P. infestans

4 Transmission of Phytophthora Viruses

5 Molecular Manipulations of Phytophthora Viruses

6 Conclusions, Future Directions, and Closing Remarks



This volume of Advances in Virus Research focuses on mycoviruses. The authors and reviews represent the most current and cutting-edge research in the field. A broad range of research is presented from research experts.

Key Features

  • Contributions from leading authorities
  • Informs and updates on all the latest developments in the field


Virologists and disease researchers


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