Key Features

  • Fully understand each topic with a format that delivers essential background information.
  • Streamline the decision-making process with integrated protocols, classic signs, and ACR guidelines, as well as a design that structures every chapter consistently to include pathophysiology, imaging techniques, imaging findings, differential diagnosis, and treatment options.
  • Write the most comprehensive reports possible with help from boxes highlighting what the referring physician needs to know, as well as suggestions for treatment and future imaging studies.
  • Access in-depth case studies, valuable appendices, and additional chapters covering all of the most important musculoskeletal procedures performed today.
  • Quickly locate important information with a full-color design that includes color-coded tables and bulleted lists highlighting key concepts, as well as color artwork that lets you easily find critical anatomic views of diseases and injuries.

Table of Contents

1. General Imaging Principles


Section 1: Axial Skeleton

2. General Principles of Osseous Injury
3. Imaging of Facial and Skull Trauma
4. Cervical Spine Injuries
5. Injury of the Thoracic Cage and Thoracolumbar Spine

Section 2: Appendicular Skeleton

Upper Extremities
6. Normal Shoulder
7. Osseous Injuries of the Shoulder Girdle
8. Shoulder Impingement Syndromes
9. Glenohumeral Instability
10. Normal Elbow
11. Acute Osseous Injury of the Elbow and Forearm
12. Soft Tissue Injury to the Elbow
13. Normal Wrist
14. Acute Osseous Injury to the Wrist
15. Internal Derangement of the Wrist
16. Acute Osseous Trauma to the Hand
17. Compressive and Entrapment Neuropathies of the Upper Extremities
18. Soft Tissue Injuries of the Hand and Wrist

Lower Extremities
19. Normal Pelvis and Hip
20. Acute Osseous Injury to the Pelvis and Acetabulum
21. Athletic Pubalgia
22. Acute Osseous Injury to the Hip and Proximal Femur
23. Internal Derangement of the Hip and Proximal Femur
24. Normal Knee
25. Acute Osseous Injury to the Knee
26. Internal Derangement of the Knee: Meniscal Injuries
27. Internal Derangement of the Knee: Ligament Injuries
28. Internal Derangement of the Knee: Tendon Injuries
29. Internal Derangement of the Knee: Cartilage and Osteochondral Injuries
30. Normal Ankle and Foot
31. Acute Osseous Injury to the Ankle and Foot
32. Soft Tissue Injury to the Ankle: Ligament Injuries
33. Soft Tissue Injury to the Ankle: Tendon Injuries
34. Soft Tissue Injury to the Ankle: Osteochondral Injuries and Impingement
35. Compressive and Entrapment Neuropathies of the Lower Extremity
36. Imaging of the Forefoot

Section 3: Pediatric Injuries

37. Lower Extremity Injuries in Children
38. Upper Extremity Injuri


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