There is increasing world-wide interest in obtaining an understanding of various multiphase flow phenomena and problems in terms of a common language of multiphase flow. This volume contains state-of-the-art papers which have been contributed from all over the world by experts working on all aspects of multiphase flows. The volume also highlights international technology-sharing in the fields of energy, environment and public health, in order to create a brighter and sustainable future for man and for all life in the next century. It is intended that this volume will serve as a major source of literature for the advancement of multiphase flow and allied fields.

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A Selection of Contents. Particle, Bubble and Spray. Effects of Eötvös number and dimensionless liquid volumetric flux on lateral motion of a bubble in a laminar duct flow (A. Tomiyama et al.). Bubble and particle behavior in Taylor- and spiral-vortex flows (Y. Shiomi et al.). Interactions between particle wake and turbulence in a water channel flow (PIV measurements and modelling for turbulence modification (A. Hanzawa et al.). The continuum equations for particle motion in turbulent two-phase flows (K.E. Hyland, M.W. Reeks). Experimental and computational investigation of particle-particle interactions in a vertical, sudden expansion liquid-solid flow (M.A. Founti et al.). Momentum exchange between fluid and particles and mutual collisions among particles in saltation layer (T. Tsujimoto et al.). Modeling and Numerics. Polarization of an object in a potential flow: some theorems and applications to ellipsoids (G.B. Wallis). Prediction of turbulence modulation by using &kgr; - &egr; model for gas-solid flows (T. Yokomine, A. Shimizu). Study on closure equations of droplet drag and interfacial shear stress for three-field model (Y. Abe et al.). Nonequilibrium modeling of two-phase critical flow (T.K. Chen, J.L. Xu). Interfacial, Liquid Film and Separated Flow Phenomena. Marangoni effects on wave structure and liquid film breakdown along a heated vertical tube (A. Ito et al.). Mass transfer into liquid film flowing concurrently with gas flow (The prediction of the average mass transfer coefficient) (T. Fukano et al.). Turbulence structure as a gas-liquid interface (S. Kumar et al.). Two-fluid model of separated two-phase flow: momentum transfer on wavy boundaries (A. Liné, D. Lopez). Internal Flow and Flow Pattern. Experimental investigation of void profile development in a vertical cylindrical


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