Multimedia Foundations

1st Edition

Core Concepts for Digital Design


  • Vic Costello
  • Susan Youngblood
  • Ed Youngblood
  • Description

    Understand the core concepts and skills of multimedia production and digital storytelling using text, graphics, photographs, sound, motion, and video. Then, put it all together using the skills that you have developed for effective project planning, collaboration, visual communication, and graphic design.

    Presented in full color with hundreds of vibrant illustrations, Multimedia Foundations trains you in the principles and skill sets common to all forms of digital media production, enabling you to create successful, engaging content, no matter what tools you are using.

    Companion website features a wealth of web resources, illustrations, and video tutorials demonstrating the key techniques presented in the book.

    Key Features

    • Improve projects with core principles of visual communication and graphic design
    • Learn necessary strategies for project planning, organization, and asset management
    • Understand the intricacy of design and production workflows
    • Effectively navigate postproduction and the distribution of multimedia content
    • Utilize the companion website video tutorials and links to go along with each of the chapters


    Media, journalism, and communication students, as well as, industry professionals

    Table of Contents

    Section I Multimedia Foundations
    Chapter 1 Understanding Multimedia
    Key Terms
    Chapter Highlights
    What It Is…Is Multimedia!
    Social Media
    Defining Multimedia
     Great Ideas: Using Metaphors
     Great Ideas: Multimedia
     Tech Talk: Hypermedia
    Understanding Multimedia
     Flashback: Three Generations of the Web
    Evolving Media Industries
     Flashback: Flashback
    From Old Media to New Media
     The Characteristics of Old Media
     Flashback: Paradigm Shift
     Large Organizations
     Simultaneous Delivery
    Characteristics of New Media
    Five Principles of New Media
     Tech Talk: Algorithm
     Tech Talk: Bits: The Common Denominator
     Tech Talk: Batch Processing
     Tech Talk: Rendering
    Chapter Summary

    Chapter 2 The Computer
    The Digital Revolution
     Great Ideas: Communication with Binary Numbers
    From Bits to Bites
    History of the Personal Computer
    Computer Hardware and Software
     Computer Hardware Basics
    Processor Speed
     Flashback: Moore’s Law
    System Memory
    The Human Interface
    The Mouse and the GUI
    The Keyboard
    Saving and Managing Digital Files and Project Assets
     Tech Talk: Mastering the File System Browser
     Tech Talk: File Management 101
    Digital Storage Solutions
     Tech Talk: Backing Up Your Data
     Great Ideas: Cloud Storage
    Connecting Drives and Devices
    Chapter Summary

    Chapter 3 Planning and Design
    Key Terms
    Chapter Highlights
    A Road Map
     Great Ideas: Target Market and Target Audiences
    The Three P’s
     Great Ideas: Intellectual Property
    The Client and Producer
     Great Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box
    The Design Process
    Chapter Summary


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    About the authors

    Vic Costello

    Dr. Vic Costello is an Associate Professor in the School of Communications at Elon University, where he has taught numerous courses in multimedia production since 2001. He has worked in broadcast management, corporate communications, and as a freelance technical director, video producer, and creative consultant for live-events, and awards shows. Dr. Costello is a long-standing member of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) and has served as both Producer and Chair of the BEA Festival of Media Arts.

    Susan Youngblood

    Susan A. Youngblood teaches both graduate and undergraduate web development at Auburn University’s Department of English in the Master of Technical and Professional Communication (MTPC) program. Her classes emphasize research-based best practices for design, accessibility, and usability testing. She helped plan the layout of Auburn's Instruction in Design, Evaluation, and Assessment (IDEA) lab—used mostly for teaching usability testing—and consulted on the installation of Auburn's new research-oriented usability and focus-group lab. She teaches students to be advocates not only for end users but also for their colleagues and clients who have to maintain the sites that they create. Susan’s research interests include competing communication needs in online environments, usability, and web accessibility. Her work has appeared in Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, and in the edited collection Handbook of Research on Virtual Workplaces and the New Nature of Business Practices, edited by Pavel Zemliansky and Kirk St. Amant.

    Ed Youngblood

    Norman Youngblood has been teaching courses on web design and interactive media since 2001 and has a background in information technology. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication & Journalism at Auburn University and the co-director and co-founder of a new university usability and communication research laboratory.